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The Dirty Guru Review | Honestly It Is a Stupid Scam

Updated on February 16, 2008

DirtyGuru's 5 Cents PPC Formula Is a Stupid Joke!

"If you are a 'stupid' there are people who will make you an "idiot!" - Review Boss

There are some hog-wash products in ClickBank like Survey Income, Data entry opportunity etc. However, it's fine because there are some people who learned about affiliate marketing from products which claimed "data entry opportunity".

The Claim made by Dirtyguru;

Instantly Reduce All Your Cost Per Click to Only 5 Cents ($0.05)!

In his (her) mile long sales letter Dirty Guru is trying to sell you 35 pages of junk and mud - at $97!

The Formula:

Shoot at a flock of birds with your gun. If your target was right a bird would fall down...else you just wasted a bullet...better luck next time!

That's the Dirty guru's formula! Didn't understand? Let me explain.

You buy a click from Google or other PPC provider for, let's say 50 cents per click. In your landing page you show them total of 10 offers instead of typical one offer. Since you made 10 offers to your visitor, your effective cost per click is only 5 cents (I.E 50 cents/10 offers= 5 cents per offer) Show them 50 offers & claim that your cost is only 1 cents per click!

Or better, drive traffic to a squeeze page & send 10, 20, 50 or 100 offers to your subscriber and say you only pay $.05, .01, .001, .0001 per visitor!

For this elementary school maths (marketing education?!) you have to pay $97 - WOW!

Of course you'll also learn how to setup offer page squeeze page and get free traffic from article marketing and forum marketing etc.

Dirty Guru is offering even better deal.

He'll setup & build a free website for you with his secret formula applied. But, that's only to promote his Diryguru ebook. Your job is to promote it with traditional marketing method and scam other innocent folks hard earned $97.

I don't think that I should write another word about Dirtyguru.

You must be a Stupid, Idiot or a Moran to buy this product even after reading this review.

Become a Good Boy in Online Marketing:


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