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The Internet Allure

Updated on June 16, 2008

The Internet Allure

Imagine a world so tiny that to reach someone was only a click away. Imagine romance and intrigue and being able to play any part you wanted to on a world stage. This is all very possible since the invent of the internet. The intimacy that can be accomplished from miles away is both powerful and intriguing. Hours upon hours can be spent without even realizing it, when you are in the midst of the search for that special someone.

The Internet has made it possible to be very open and honest about your likes, wants and needs when conversing with that unknown person on the other end of your instant message. It is also just as possible to be pulled into an imaginary fantasy. A place where nothing you are told is true. That's what makes the whole internet dating scene so easily intoxicating.

No makeup required, if you don't feel like shaving your legs or splashing on perfume. It's totally your call. Although the other person may be made to believe you're wearing only the most seductive Victoria Secret lingerie and stiletto heels. Where else can you meet prospect upon prospect and never take off your fuzzy slippers? The internet has welcomed this convenience into our homes, once so safe and private.

No longer are we judged on appearances only. Our thoughts and emotions connect almost effortlessly. Our deepest desires can surface and the rest of the world can cease to exist.

Would this be considered betrayal? If you engage in connecting on a spiritual level with someone you've never met, are you hurting anyone?

Words have a power like no other. Thoughts that are typed are given more power than the spoken word. Maybe because, you read the intentions you want to believe between the lines. Maybe because what is imagined can never be really lived up to. This is actually farther from the truth. It would be in our best interest to hear the tone, to hear the real message that is being conveyed, but that would take away from the romance, wouldn't it?

Another falsity is the sense of safety we convince ourselves we have because of distance. He or she may be on the other side of the world, or at least the city. How can any harm come to us, if they really don't know where we are? Sometimes, we say too much. It's in the heat of the moment. A moment in time, that can be followed by agonizing regret.

The attention we receive from our online lover is hard to match. How can we turn down that one on one full attention we obtain from our every word.

As you can plainly see, an online romance is hard to resist. It can also be one of the most dangerous experiences you can ever encounter. When reality becomes blurred, who suffers? The effects are more far-reaching than you can imagine. Be wary of the risks, the complications it brings and the sanity that might be lost.


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    • profile image

      Poppa Blues 9 years ago

      Well said! By now I think most of us have experienced both the light and dark side of the Internet. Still, the attraction to the romance is compelling and hard to resist!