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The Internet Makes For Strange Readfellows

Updated on December 2, 2008


I began blogging in earnest when I began my website ( ) in August of 2006. At first it seemed like quite a solitary endeavor. (And sometimes to this very day it feels a bit the same way.) You see, I have read other people’s blogs, websites, hubs (from I’ve read any number of celebrity as well as “every day folk” blogs and what I discovered was that they fall into one of three categories. They’re either someone educating you on how to do something, someone selling you something or my category – blogs that give personal opinion. Of the three different types of blogs I’m sorry to say for my sake that mine is the least profitable. You see everyone tells you that in order to be noticed in the worldwide Internet blogosphere you have to stand out or at the very least, give your blogs titles that will get caught in search engines, you know like “How to lose ten pounds in ten minutes” – once again, my titles always just reflect my current mood, frustration or a play on words so my “traffic” is not exactly the LA freeway of the Internet. Through the course of the last couple of years of blogging I have “met” a lot of people online. Some who wanted to publicize their site on my site, or their product, some who want to let me know how wrong I am about my opinions and lifestyle and some just looking for friends it seems. And a recent event got me thinking about a phrase and my own play on its words, the Internet makes for strange readfellows – Don’t Get Me Started!

I’ll write about the people who have gotten in touch with me to promote themselves another time or as they sing in Evita, “they’re hoping their lover will help them or keep them, support them, promote them, don’t blame them, you’re the same.” What amazed me were the people who wrote (and write) just for the sake of telling me that I made them laugh or that I moved them or that they disagreed with me. These are the “real” people who really don’t want anything from you, other than to be heard. And sometimes, just sometimes these people find a way into my mind and heart on a more regular basis. Such is the case with a woman who wrote to me from Florida. She’s very sweet and seemingly not my demographic at all. By her own admission she is an older woman who just enjoyed my writing. She also took it upon herself to assist me in what at one point was my goal to get Rosie O’Donnell to notice me. She wrote to Rosie on a regular basis on my behalf and even became disenchanted when Rosie (nor anyone of her staff) ever got in touch with her or me. She is a dear woman named Carol and I’m greatly thankful for her continued loyalty in her reading and honest criticism. She found me through I believe it’s her sister or cousin on, another woman who calls me her “Jewish doctor” because her husband found her laughing every morning while reading my blogs and therefore she decided that laughter is the best medicine and I believe he coined the phrase that I was her Jewish doctor giving her a dose of daily medicine. How dear these people are to read and continue to let me know they’re reading and enjoying the site.

Some write for advice. I had a woman write to me from Oklahoma named Liz. She was going through a divorce at the time that was pretty ugly and had decided that she really needed to find a “gay of her own” so that she would have a date for company functions and to give her sage advice. And while I gave her advice (not sure it helped or not) long distance I’m happy to say that a couple years later she is dating again and in fact has found a gay of her own! Then there was a young man who had just entered college and was dealing with being gay and one of his first crushes on a boy from back home. I called him “Billy” and you can read our correspondence here ( I haven’t heard from Billy in a long while but I do hope that he’s finding love and laughter.

There’s one person I’ve met that I feel needs more than an “honorable mention” here. His name is Arrigo and he is from Australia. I’ve never been to Australia and truth be told probably wouldn’t even be able to point to it on a map. (I’ve always said I never could get the blue “piece of pie” in Trivial Pursuit due to my lack of knowledge of geography and that’s the honest truth) Arrigo is a gay man living with his partner and their dogs. He’s an extremely knowledgeable man who has a love of the theatre arts like myself while at the same time helping people through his psychology degree and soon to be Masters degree. I think he first saw my video blogs on YouTube and through it we began a correspondence that can best be described similar to when I was a kid and the teacher gave us all pen pals. That’s what we consider one another, pen pals. I know, how disappointing that there’s no sex or anything lurid about it like the “hook-ups” you hear about from the Internet. Although I must admit that there are times when I look to him for free advice and call him my “Australian Therapist.” That’s as intimate as things get. Along with his many endeavors from giving therapy to therapists, continuing his education, starting soon a practice all his own he finds that he also needs the additional creative outlet of creating art. He and a gal pal of his have decided to try and create 100 dolls in a year. (Don’t think Marie Osmond dolls, think more artsy stuff) Ever since I began my correspondence with him and learned of his doll creations I asked him time and time again if he had made a voodoo doll of me. Well, imagine my surprise last week when I received an email from him telling me that in fact he had finally gotten around to creating that voodoo doll of me. You can see it here at and look at the November 17, 2008 entry. (I’ve always wanted to see myself in recycled materials and papier-mache!) I’m thankful for his friendship and his pen palness. And even if we never meet face to face (I like to think of us like Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft in 84 Charing Cross Road) I know that I have his support and I hope he knows that he has mine.

So while I know that people use the Internet to find all sorts of people and although Thanksgiving was last week, I just want to take this time to thank those people who read my site and/or write to me. I’m thankful to have all of them, especially my pen pal, Arrigo. And I can’t help but sit back and smile while I think the Internet makes for strange readfellows – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Arrigo 8 years ago

      Okay. So after reading this post you brought a tear to my eye. Perhaps it's just because I'm tired and emotional. No. Actually I'm humbled by your kind words and friendship.

      Thank you Dr Rosenzweig.

    • relache profile image

      Raye 8 years ago from Seattle, WA

      OMG, Scott you're a doctor! Just the thing to make your Jewish mother soooo proud of you!