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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 23 The Big Bird Boss of the Forbidden Fortress

Updated on May 20, 2008

You will need to work your way up and around the castle in a counter clockwise direction just like you did when you were trying to rescue your sister the first time. Instead of lanterns on ropes to swing on, you need to glide using your Deku Leaf. You will also need to smash any spiky things in your way with the Skull Hammer. If you want to, you can even take out the guards at the lights. However, I noticed that being in the light doesn’t seem to get you captured anymore.

I found this not to be a challenge. You can also go downstairs and deal with the castle there. You can take out a lot of Pig Guards, for example.

About the only challenge is a big door that you must hammer a giant nail down before you can enter. Then once you free your sister, there are a few more things you must take care of.

You have to run up this area while a big bird comes after you. For some reason, water is rising from underneath. You can go across certain areas, but there are wooden planks that the bird likes to destroy. If you run quick, you can avoid him.

If you fall, don’t worry. There are bars in place that you can hook your grappling hook on and swing to the other side. However, the bird might attack you then, so do it quickly.

When you get to the top, the bird will try and peck at you. Hit it with the Skull Hammer, and it will drop to the floor. Unfortunately, it is not over.

The big bird will come at you, and its main attacks are three. It will fan its wings, causing you to go into the spiked sides. Resist this attack. It can also do swooping attacks. Dodge out of his way when this occurs.

The attack you want is when it lands. Stay still and wait for it to rear its head back. It will peck, but it will do it too hard and get its beak caught in the ground. Hit it with the Skull Hammer. If you hit him enough times, its helm will break free.

You can still defeat it as it pecks, but you can also hit its vulnerable spot with the boomerang or arrows and do some damage. Eventually it will fall, and you will get a Heart Container.

Keep going up the ramp. You will then meet Ganondorf, as well as Tetra, who turns out to be none other than Zelda. You will also go back in that undersea castle again, and you need to take Tetra/Zelda with you.


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