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The Magical Fourth Basic Circuit Component : MEMRISTOR

Updated on February 1, 2009

The Ground Breaking New Circuit.Rewrite the textbooks??

The missing-link in electronics, the memristor is discovered!!!!!! 

Since the dawn of electronics ,we have had only 3 types of circiut components-resistors,inductors,and capacitors.But in 1971,UC Berkeley researcher Leon Chua theorized the possibility of a fourth type of components,one that would be able tp measure the flow of electric current: THE MEMRISTOR.Now ,just 37 years later,Hewlett -Packward has built one. 

Memristor Will Lead To:

1)Instant-on PCs

2)Tera Bytes of Massive data storage

3)Artificial Intelligence  

4)Improve battery life 

The Mysterious Memristor-The atomic force microscope image shows 17 memristors in a single row.The wires in this image are 50nm, or about 150 atoms, wide.
The Mysterious Memristor-The atomic force microscope image shows 17 memristors in a single row.The wires in this image are 50nm, or about 150 atoms, wide.

What is it? 

As it's name implies,the memristor can "remember" how much current has passes through it.And by alternating the amount of current has passed through it.And by alternating the amount of current passing through it,a memristor can also become a one-element circuit component with unique properties.Most notibaly it can save its electronic state even when the current is  turned off,making it a great canidate to replace today's flash memory.Memristors will theoritically replace  today's flash memory.

Memristor's will theoretically be cheaper and faster than flash memory.and allow far greater memory densities.They could also replace RAM chips as we known them,so that,after you turn off your computer,it will remember exactly what you were doing when you turn it back on,and return to work instantly.This lowering of cost and consolidatong of components may lead to affordable,solid-state computers that fit in your pocketand run many times faster than todays pcs.

Someday the memristor could spawn a whole new type of computer ,thanks to its ability to remember a range of electrical states rather than the simplistic "on" and "off" states that today's digital processor recognize.By working with a dynamic range of data states in an analog mode,memristor based computers could be capable of far more complex tasks than just shuttling ones & zeros around.


Memristor Guide

The Memristor Symbol

When is it coming?  

Researchers say that no real barrier prevents implementing the memristor in circuitry immediatly.But it's up to th business side to push products through to commercial reality.Memristors made to replace flas memory(at a lower cost and lower power consumption) will likely appear first;HP's goal is to offer them by 2012.Beyond that,memoristors will likely replace both DRAM and hard disks in the 2014-2016 time frame.As for memristor-based analog computers,that step may take 20-plus years. 


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