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The Massacre of Humanity

Updated on August 20, 2008

no one wants to admit that our world is in a terrible MESS as long as that MESS doesnt Convern them

Sometimes, i wonder about those unfortunate humans and brothers all around the world, those girls forced into prostitution , drugs, you name it.Kids starving to death in darforre, and all those prisoners of war all around the world.Life is unjust , yet that doesn't mean that we have the rights to live and eat while our neighboring brother is dying out of hunger.The thing with ourselves that no one wants to admit that our world is in a terrible MESS as long as that MESS doesnt Convern them.We can never look beyond our selfish needs and look at our unfortunate brothers.THe key question is :" when would it be The RIGHT TIME for humans to look over their needs and help the needy??"

THe Massacre of Humanity

We fake diplomatic smiles

To cameras with flashing lights

We blame each for all,

THe pain and guilt .As we fall,

Lies pile up like a brick wall,

Eating up every single ray we call,

Hope.Our vision of a better worldis fading,

Leaving bodies all over the place burning.

Millions can't find crums of bread,

When we stuff ourselves instead

A massacre in the name of peace

When will all this bull shit seize

No time for diplomatic smiles

Time ti listen to those bloody cries

Let us lay down our differences

And go back to our senses

For once let our actions

Speak louder than our words

Or has our conscience been dead

For a long time instead

I wonder if history

Can forgive us for the massacre of Humanity :S


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