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The Olympics And The Steroids

Updated on August 13, 2008

Why I'm Excited About The Olympics And Dubious All At The Same Time - Don't Get Me Started!

Hey, I'm "Old School" Olympics - not so old school that I remember the original ones in Greece where they apparently competed naked (not that I wouldn't want to see everyone shot putting with their dangly parts out but that's a blog for a different day). I remember watching Mark Spitz win and cheering for Nadia Comaneci and loving every minute of it. I love how it completely unites the country for those few weeks. Whether you're talking Olympics with your family or the people at work, we love to revel in the superhuman feats these athletes achieve. And while we're on the subject of those superhuman feats, I can't help but feel that the whole world of competition athletics is more than a little bit tainted thanks to all the steroids stories that always follow these games and other sports. So that's why I'm excited about the Olympics and dubious all at the same time - Don't Get Me Started!

I read an article online yesterday about an East German female swimmer who competed in the 1980's, thought she was receiving vitamins when it was actually steroids and after she grew a dick decided she should just go ahead and have the sex reassignment surgery. Okay, so maybe she didn't grow a dick but it was close enough that she really had no choice but to change her sex. She/he is angry, upset and feeling betrayed by her/his government and can anyone blame this person? I mean, I remember the first time we got sight of these "women" swimmers and of course what was going through our minds was that they were more "WHOA Man" than a "woman" but hey, we just figured those Nazis were up to their usual tricks of nutty genealogical mayhem.

So in this modern age where we can have the host country of the Olympics be the country that poisoned our children with lead paint toys, beat their citizens at the drop of a chop stick, you have to wonder if the athletes (and more specifically their coaches) have just found a better way to dupe the Olympic judges and dope their athletes. Hey, I want to believe in unicorns too but unfortunately, history keeps showing us that there are more than weights being lifted in the sports field. Just let someone come on the Olympic scene with a large forehead and you can't help but immediately wonder if they're not "juiced" and with more than Tang!

Perhaps it's the movie industry that has helped this along too. When you can take someone the size of Tom Thumb and make him look like a buff giant monster (yes, Sylvester Stallone, I'm talking to you) and make them seem indestructible why not try to achieve it by any means in real life and athletic life? So should we just accept the fact that it's he with the best drugs who wins? Should we go ahead and let the Olympians with their oversized foreheads and rage be on the front of the Wheaties and Whey box and be done with it?

I want to believe in fairies (not just because I am one) but how many times can we be disappointed as our heroes come down with steroid related illnesses or a conscience and tell us what they've done to achieve what we thought was impossible was achieved through doping themselves up? Maybe the impossible should just be left impossible and we should lower our expectations a bit so that we can increase our hopes, beliefs and dreams again? Just a thought. Why I'm excited about the Olympics and dubious all at the same time - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Culturekiosque 9 years ago

      Are those rings actually made of steroids? There's an uncanny resemblance between the rings and a testosterone molecule, as shown in this story.