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The Price of Love

Updated on November 25, 2008
The LOVE Formula
The LOVE Formula

If you could buy LOVE would you need to get insurance or an extended warranty too?


People say that there are all kinds of love but I have to disagree.

Loving a “thing” like a favorite television show, an actor, a video game, is not the same as a shared love between two people.

And LOVE is the most talked about subject ever, even if it is in relation to a movie star, a book, a movie, or whatever.

But let’s stay on the topic of real love, the actual combining senses and actions that two people in love have.

Real love is defined by what you are willing to give up and what you are willing to bring to a relationship.

Most certainly when you are in love you give up the part of you that wants to date other people. As well, you give up some of your rights to privacy, as you share intimately with your partner, who is your lover too, who also gives up things for you and shares with you.

So, we have real love as this formula (where ‘x’ are the things you did as a single person):

1 + 1 =2 (- x) = 1

Two single people, become one couple. A new creation, a new personal development that requires very specific care.

No regular water here will do, that’s for sure!

Now, let’s back up to the actual cost of love, which can be broken down by this formula:


If you broke this down as a monetary formula, ‘LOVE’ would equal a lot of everything, ‘time together’ would be measurable with minutes having a definite value, ‘affection while apart’ would be harder to measure since ‘affection while apart’ includes the values of sincerity and fidelity easily measurable at 1.5 times ‘time together’. This leaves the ‘intimate sharing’ value to be 99% of LOVE and the remainder divided by the values for ‘time together’ and ‘personal revelations’ as well as the added values for the ‘commitment to prosperity’ which we all know undertakes career, home living standards and thoughtfulness towards the partner, including being a positive influence on your partner, your lover, your other half.


Time Together = 60 x B (where B is a defined value according to the prosperity of the couple)

Affection While Apart = 1.5 x (60 x B) + C (where C is the defined value of sincerity and fidelity)

Intimate Sharing = (0.99 / LOVE) + (60 x B) + D (where D is the value of personal revelations) + E (where E is the value of commitment to prosperity)

So the final formula looks like:

LOVE = (60 x B) + (1.5 x [60 x B] + C) + ([0.99 / LOVE] + [60 x B] + D + E

And when LOVE is given a value of 100% we have:

LOVE = (60 x B) + (1.5 x [60 x B] + C) + ([0.99 / LOVE] + [60 x B] + D + E = 100%

Based on the formula above, LOVE is costly, easily overwhelming any and all other considerations a committed partner has towards the well being of the couple, of the other person, before yourself.

Because of the high cost of LOVE an extended warranty or a policy guaranteeing the longevity of LOVE by two people is highly recommended.

An extended warranty would take form as dinners out, date nights, special time set aside to spend together, and other activities that require just you and your partner.

A LOVE policy would be your marriage, the commitment, the paperwork, and all the hoopla that starts with planning your wedding right through the final moments when “til death do us part” are realized.

Now you know the true cost of love and the real LOVE formula, but the values are yours to create and enter into the LOVE formula to make LOVE work.

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