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The Secret Beyond The Secret

Updated on October 16, 2008

You Can Have it All

Does The Secret really work? Have you wondered how to get The Secret working more powerfully for you?

Yes, The Secret does work, and the way to get it to work is simple, but not always easy unless you have the right tools.

Here is why The Secret works in seemingly miraculous ways, and how you can tap into its power. Yes, love, abundance, wonderful relationships, fulfilling career, and spiritual enlightenment can be yours. It is meant to be yours. You can truly have it all.

At the core of the secret is The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is often described as that law that says you attract what you think. So, the more you think of the solution, the more you are going to attract the solution. This description of the law of attraction is true, but it isn't complete. Thoughts are an essential ingredient, but they are not the whole recipe. If you think about something you desire, you may begin to attract it, however, if your feelings are not in alignment with your thought, they may repel what you desire, making it difficult to come into manifestation.

So for example, say you desire a successful career or a loving relationship. You think about what your ideal career or relationship would look like in order to attract it into manifestation. However, if at the same time you are thinking successful thoughts if you have fearful feelings come up of not getting what you desire, or some resistance to it, the fear or resistance will work against you effectively negating the law of attraction. Changing your thoughts can be done when done with awareness. However, changing your feelings is more challenging. It is much easier to change your mind than change how you feel. Moreover, many of your feelings are subconscious emotions. Sub-conscious means they are below your conscious awareness. Even though you may not be aware of them, they can still affect the law of attraction, by repelling what you desire, or attracting what you don't want.

This may sound discouraging, but the good news is that there is a powerful tool available to clear out any resistances or negative emotions you may have. The tool is The Golden Flow System. The Golden Flow System quickly, powerfully and elegantly frees you from negative emotions, and any resistances seemingly effortlessly. When you have freed yourself from that which repels instead of attracts what you desire, the law of attraction is freed up to work as it is meant to, with little effort on your part.

"Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river." Lao Tse.

When you are free from any resistance or negativity, you are in the flow. We call this the Golden Flow. This is the even deeper aspect of the Secret that is often overlooked. The part of you that is the most powerful creative force exists beyond your thoughts. People refer to this part by many names, Higher Self, Core Being, Inner Self, Source Energy, and Soul to name a few. This higher aspect of who you are is accessed naturally when you are in the flow.

This higher aspect of you is source energy. It is unlimited both in what it can create but in its power to create. When you are in the flow, you are tapped into this aspect of the bigger You that you are. This higher aspect exists in a state of being. This is the biggest clue to the secret of The Secret. To truly attract what you desire using the law of attraction, you must first BE what you wish to attract. This goes far beyond just thinking about it. You must have, not only your thoughts and feelings in alignment to what you desire, but you must have your state of being in alignment to it. The proper order of manifestation is BE, DO and HAVE. If you wish to have something, you must first BE it. Then you must DO it, and then you will automatically have it.

Most people have this order wrong. When they want something, they begin by 'doing' what they think they need to get it. This may sometimes work, but it is the hard way to manifest. If you first BE what you desire, and then DO in alignment to the beingness, having it comes naturally. When your state of being is in alignment with your desire, the higher, bigger aspect of you, your source energy, immediately sets about to create the desire.

If you want love, you must first BE love, then do loving things in alignment to your beingness, and the result will be that you have love in your life. If you want to manifest money, you must first BE abundance, then in alignment to your beingness, do what you need to do in form, and you will have money.

To BE a desire means not only your thoughts and feelings are aligned to what you desire (you think about what it will be like when the desire is manifest, and you feel the good feelings around it), but your entire energy IS the desire. Do this and you are in the flow of your source energy which engages and the law of attraction can't help but go into effect.

The Golden Flow System quickly eliminates, negative emotions, stress, and worry allowing you to flow with life and connect to your source energy. Abundance, health, love and happiness are the natural state of your Higher Self. The Golden Flow System connects you to your higher aspects allowing these qualities to become manifest in your life. The Golden Flow System is now offering a free audio describing the process, and an actual process you can use to get started. I recommend you give this wonderful tool a try.

You CAN have it all.


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