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The Importance of 'Being' in Well Being

Updated on October 16, 2008

The Power Beyond The Secret

The Importance of the 'Being' in Well Being The Power Beyond The Secret

To the degree you are in the state of well being, you are in the flow of life. The closer you are to a state of well being, the quicker you will attract that which you desire, be it love, wealth, health, a new home, a rewarding career, spiritual connection, and so on. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. This IS the missing piece in The Secret.

Why is this so? And, more importantly, how do you raise your level of being to that of 'well being' in order to empower and speed up your manifestation process?

In the book, The Secret, it is stated that your dominate thoughts attract what is coming to you in your life. Through visualizing and purposely thinking about what you desire, you set the Law of Attraction in motion. Think about wealth and you will attract wealth, for example. However, later in the book it is pointed out by Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield, that thoughts alone are only part of the picture. In order to use the Law of Attraction, you must also FEEL abundant, or loving. They acknowledge that in addition to aligning your thoughts to that you wish to manifest, you must also align positive feelings with it. To put the Laws of Attraction into action, not only must you think or visualize what you desire, you must feel it.

In The Secret, Jack Canfield puts it this way,1 "A lot of people think, "If I think positive thoughts, or if I visualize having what I want, that will be enough." But if you're doing that and still not feeling abundant, or feeling loving or joyful, then it doesn't create the power of the attraction".(Byrne PG 85)

Another step that is often overlooked is aligned actions. To create your reality in accordance to your desires, you need to think aligned thoughts, feel aligned feelings, and take aligned actions. So, for example, say you wish to create wealth. You will want to think wealthy thoughts (perhaps visualize yourself in wealth), feel what it will feel like to have the wealth, and then take actions that would take if wealthy.

In simple terms, it is about alignment. All aspects of who you are must be aligned to your desire. But wait, we have left out the most important aspect of who you are, your beingness. This critical piece is the piece that is often overlooked in The Secret. Not only must your thoughts, pictures (visualizations), and feelings be in alignment to your desire, your entire being must be aligned to activate the Law of Attraction. In other words, not only must you think and feel what you desire, you must BE what you desire.

Beingness is defined in the dictionary as one's essential nature. It is who you are at your essence. This is sometimes referred to as your Essential Self. Who you are at this level of self is naturally, love, abundance, peace, and happiness. So, to be abundant, you must literally BE abundance, which is naturally what you are at your level of being. If you want a loving relationship, you must BE love, which is also what you are at your level of being.

When you live from the level of your essential nature, you can't help but to continually attract good things into your life. This is because your essential nature is love, abundance, peace, bliss, joy, happiness - all in unending supply. The Law of Attraction must respond to this accordingly. It is the Law of the Universe.

In the beginning of this article, I promised I would talk about how to move into the state of Well Being. You can see how living from your level of being is really what well-being is all about. When you are living from being, you can't help but feel good. Feeling well is your natural state of being.

The question is then, how do you live from your natural state of being. The easiest way to move into your state of being is to let go of anything that is not your state of being. Negative, charged emotions, for example, are in opposition to your natural being. Your beingness is free flowing, always moving along in the flow of the universe, sometimes called universal flow. If you have resistances to anything in your life, you stop your flow, and move into opposition to your natural state of being, your Essential Self.

To release anything, the first step is to welcome it in and allow it. If someone at your workplace brings up emotional charges, for example, simply allow the charges to come up. Allow them to have space in your awareness, even if temporary. When they are up the next step is to release them and let them go. This is actually easier than it seems. The process is - welcome and allow whatever is there (e.g. resistance, fear, negativity, someone or something in your life that causes you stress), and then gently release and let go.

Do the above process in various arenas in your life that may be causing you stress or worry. As you do so, you become more free and naturally move into beingness, your Essential Self. The more you live from your beingness, that is naturally, love, abundance, peace, happiness, and so on, the more the Law of Attraction must bring corresponding good things into your life.

Using universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction is not always easy, but it is simple. You can quicken the process using tools such as the Golden Flow System. If you would like a free recording of an actual Golden Flow process, simply click on the link below, or go to .

You CAN have it all. You are MEANT to. Why not live from your natural state of happiness, love, health and abundance? Simply allow and release and you will move into the beautiful state of beingness. Then simply enjoy allowing the Law of Attraction go to work for you.

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1 Rhonda Byrne, The Secret. New York: Atria Books, 1999 





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    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 9 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Lots of information that you've stated well....fascinating! Now I can see that there's SOOOOO much more to The Secret than just 'wishing.'