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The Signature of the Word " IF "

Updated on July 7, 2008

Windows of the Thinkers

"IF" is a word of regrets

How many of us see the word "if", with just joining two alphabet gives a big sensation in our lives. I got the idea about the word "if" after I admire how the simple ideology man like George Carlin, making jokes to make us smile and laugh. His simple, and sometimes sarcastic and brutal words he uses make his audience laugh. After he leaves us, then we began to realise that the funny idea that he address us with a flawless simple, sarcastic and brutal words reaches our sub-conscious mind, and then we began to admire his legacy. We began to feel of losing him and starts to search, and reflects his thought by studying his idea and of course, making it the source of study. Just think back, "if " he is still alive, does all his opinion that everybody try to study and puts it on papers will be a reality? To me, a novice that try to write and put my idea, I don't know "if" everybody agrees.

The word "if", actually brings a lot of meaning in our life, that can change our character, habit, and behavioral disorder. It's always occur in our sub-conscious mind in a drastic matter of moment, and then it flow into a words that we let out through our mouth by compressing the air out from our lung through the throat, and shaping our tongue and movement of our lips to bring out the sound of "IF" follows by other sounds, as " If I know this tragedy would happen, I won't do it at all," with a sigh.The word "IF", to me is a big area of literature studies.

A Word of Decision, "IF"

As an Individual or in groups, when planing a programme or deciding to do something big or small, either in a short or longer term of goals expectations to achieve, the words "if" will come in handy in our decision. When our mind is doing all the necessary strategies in solving problems or creating new ideas, the word "if" will appear giving us all the necessary choices-es to take and to reaffirms the actions that needs to be taken.

To me, the word "if" is so important among all the 400,000 words in English, just as the late George Carlin says for his famous hazardous 7 dirty words in English. When the word "if" comes during any decision to be made, it will be accompanied by this words of "What", and "How". All major events that happen in this world, that is as we say history, starts from the words "if". Any eventualities, that comes as a case of study after the event happened, the word "if" will direct us to come for the conclusion, after so many "if" have been planted as a necessary questions that give us a real value for what had happen. By the end, the word "if" that is so much involved in helping to settle or solving the decision to made, is seldom use when we write the answers into words.


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