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The Sophisticated Sagittarius Man

Updated on June 28, 2008

Brad Pitt ~ December 18, 1963

John F. Kennedy Jr. ~ November 25, 1960

Ben Stiller ~ November 30, 1965

Jon Stewart ~ November 28, 1962


The Sophisticated Sagittarius Man

November 22 ~ December 21

Oh my.... The Sagittarius Man. So much to say, I don't even know where to begin. A gallant hero, a prince among men, a real man's man are all accurate descriptions of a true Sagittarius Man. He will fearlessly defend your honor and still manage to breeze in looking disarmingly handsome. The Sagittarius Man is a valiant soul ready to take on the world on behalf of the needy and disheartened. The Sagittarius Man holds an honor among men that has since been lost in more materialistic times. He's somewhat of a throwback, if you will, to ancient times. Times where men showed what they were made of in the throws of battle, where only the strongest and bravest survived. If you happen to be the one he has chosen to rescue, you'd be a fool not to throw caution to the wind and jump headfirst into his arms.

The Sagittarius Man is of the rare breed of incredibly honest men. Sometimes honest to a fault, you may forget to close your mouth after the shock has worn off of the statement that has just been released from his delicious lips. A man who not only will say EXACTLY what he's thinking, but it will come out in such a way, that you have no choice but to sigh in disbelief. And occasionally, wince in fear. Although, the truth is sometimes hard to bear, it's for your own good. You see, that's exactly how he chooses to live his life, in pure honesty and fairness. Dashing, most certainly, idealistic more accurately. Your Sagittarius Man will be the one leading the pack, implementing the latest ideas, and reaching for the highest goals. His love for you will be sublime, even if you must fight a swarm of lovely banshees to reach him. He'll wait, patiently, and securely, knowing the most beautiful and most tantalizing will make her way through the crowd to be by his side. He has just that kind of optimism and faith.

The Sagittarius Man is surrounded by only the most loyal friendships. No one can resist his innocent, albeit, naive charm. He is extremely well-liked or rather adored by everyone he meets. He has a somewhat boyish persona at times, which can lead you to believe he needs taking care of. Nothing could be further from the truth. He may, however, run into the most unsavory of sorts only to gratefully have you steer him away. For at times, his trusting nature can lead him astray. But as luck would have it, and the Sagittarius Man is notorious for having such luck, he'll be quick to recover to play another day.

The Sagittarius Man is a natural flirt, boundaries may sometimes become blurred. It's a rare day, he doesn't notice the pretty mail carrier or the buxom blond jogger. His head may turn often and his eyes may definitely wander, but if given the freedom to enjoy the view, there won't be much to worry about. For you see, the Sagittarius Man can't help but notice the fairer and more glamorous sex. He's not blind after all. If it becomes a bit too much, his roving eyes, you may need to reel him back in gently. Try reminding him of the fellow at the bank that asked for your number or the policeman who recently let you go with warning and a phone number where he can be reached. That'll jolt your gorgeous Sagittarius man back to reality, neatly and swiftly. And, don't worry about holding any resentment, it's virtually impossible to stay mad at this man. Inexplicable charm? Yessss! and tons of it. Before you know it, you'll be back in his arms, once again, completely entranced.

So, you've found yourself in love with a Sagittarius Man, words cannot even begin to express the happiness and honesty you are about to experience. Something very mysterious happens when your union is born from truth. It blossoms ever so gently, it strengthens during insurmountable times, and it lovingly lasts throughout all of eternity. Come prepared to live in a most powerful light with your Sagittarius Man. Trust that, there will be no place on earth, you'd rather be.

Bruce Lee ~ November 27

Donny Osmond ~ December 9, 1957

Jaime Foxx ~ December 13, 1967

Woody Allen ~ December 1, 1935

Jay-Z ~ December 4, 1969


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