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The Survival Kit For Pregnancy Dresses-Buying Tips For Pregnancy Dresses

Updated on September 14, 2008

The Survival Kit For Pregnancy Dresses

During the 9 months of pregnancy, many would-be mothers keep repeating the same mistakes over and again. Here is a survival checklist for all first-time mothers so that your pregnancy wardrobe is stylish and comfortable without pinching your wallet. While shopping for your pregnancy dresses, ensure that you keep this checklist handy.

All pregnancy dresses should be made from soft materials which are natural. Avoid man-made materials like the plague. The material should be almost cotton, preferably 90% and yet it should have some percent of lycra not more than 10% - so that it gives a little stretch during the months when the tummy balloons and flab appears and the body gets looser.

Check the lining of the clothes you buy. It should not irritate the skin and select colors that are soothing to the eye. Opt for hues like cream, off-white, navy, beige, black (just for its slimming effect), and of course, pure white.

Baby pinks, light shades of blue, pastel colors are also choices with which you look good during these months.

Most would-be mothers make the classic mistake of making do with their old clothes. They keep wearing their old clothes till it literally falls apart at the seams. Avoid this at all costs.

Do spend a bit of money and try to spruce up your appearance during the pregnancy months. Not only will you look good, you will also feel good about yourself if you have a good selection of pregnancy dresses.

Winter Pregnancy Dresses

Selecting winter pregnancy dresses can be a bit trickier than selecting clothes for the summer. For one, you cannot buy in advance because the clothes might become old-fashioned and you will have no idea of the size you will need by the time winter comes around.

Next, winter clothes are pretty bulky so if you're in your first term of pregnancy, you might even be able to fit into your old winter clothes. However, this becomes more complicated if you get bigger.

In such a scenario, consider wearing your old coat but without buttoning it up. If you can accessorize well then you might be able to carry off a stylish winter look.

Since desperate times call for desperate measures, borrow your husband's coat. It might not be very fashionable but at least it will keep you warm and snug.

If you must absolutely wear women's coats, well, then you might like to trawl the flea markets and buy a nice quality second-hand coat. Alternatively, a shawl or a poncho is also good substitute to a coat.

Or perhaps you might like to add some layers to your clothing instead of wearing one coat. If you team up the clothes with eye of colors and textures you might actually be able to hide the flab as well.

Think about a warm top, a color coordinated pull over with a woolen skirt and some warm leggings with matching muffler and mittens. Such an outfit will keep you warm and trendy at the same time.


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