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The More than Two Sides of Duality

Updated on February 12, 2008

Or, Are There Three Sides?

Many people believe there are two sides to every story. But how many sides to the sides are there? In other words, for each side of the coin, so to speak, aren't there facets on said sides? For instance, look at a nickel. TECHNICALLY, it has three sides - the head, the tail, and the outer edge. It's easy enough to set it on either the head or the tail, but it requires a bit more skill and patience to balance it on the edge.

So it goes when one is discussing a particular topic or situation with another person. One can take the "pro" or "for" side; someone else can take the "con" or "against" side; and that leaves the "edge" or "not taking sides" side. Perhaps the most difficult part, then, is deciding which facet of the topic or situation one should take. Personally, I would rather just take the nickel and spend it, if I could find anything to buy for just five cents.


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