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The Valiant Virgo Man

Updated on July 9, 2008

Keanu Reeves ~ September 2, 1964

Adam Sandler ~ September 9, 1966

Harry Connick Jr. ~ September 11, 1967

Ryan Phillippe ~ September 10, 1974

Richard Gere ~ August 31, 1949


The Valiant Virgo Man

Virgo - August 23 ~ September 23

Finding yourself smitten with a Virgo man? You would not be the only one. Mysterious and cautious, the Virgo man prides himself on honesty and a rock-solid approach to everlasting love. What he lacks in the romance department, he very much makes up with eternal devotion. Being infatuated with a Virgo man may not always produce lilacs and serenades, that can get old after awhile, don't you think? But, be rest assured, his warm sincerity you will never doubt.

Sharing your life along side a Virgo man is both practical and a trip on a steadfast journey to fulfillment and calming serenity. He may scoff at the usual Casanovas who try to convince you that wine and roses are all you need to sustain a harmonious relationship. The Virgo man will take a more refined and direct approach to proving his undying loyalty. The Virgo man sees the honor in working hard to achieve his dreams. Dreams that will always include you. No one is quite as true-blue, as long, as the intensity of love is binding and mutual. It takes true discipline on your part to win this man's heart. The usual coquettish overtly sexual flirtation isn't one of them. The Virgo man sees through such deceitful manipulation and prefers to rest his attention on the more demure damsel.

The Virgo man may find himself in a deep committed love only a handful, if not only once in a lifetime. That's just how particular this man of steel is. He seeks a woman who is filled with old world charm and grace. There aren't too many of them around anymore, or so he has sadly convinced himself. The Virgo man is more apt to live his life as a loner or in secret seclusion than any other sign, if it means he can possibly avoid the pain of passion gone wrong. If you are sure this is the man you wish to call your own, you must patiently set your sights on proving your worth. Success will rely on your womanly stamina and thoughtful mind. The Virgo Man is truly a valiant hero that will lead to an everlasting loving fate.

Intelligent, careful, and solid. The Virgo man is cool to his core. Even in the throws of lovemaking, you might question his attraction to you. This sometimes may not be such a bad thing. Imagine the inevitable passion you felt for the man in question who has played hard to get. The sensual seduction when love is finally consummated, will prove heart pumping and equal to no other. If you want to stop this desire cold in it's tracks? Proceed to test his devotion, it may prove catastrophic to the Virgo man. He is so intensely loyal, that subsequent flirting will surely backfire. This is always the wrong approach to test his loving boundaries. Although, he may not always show it, his love for you is never fleeting but always engraved with forever.

Through all of the confusion, the Virgo man, sometimes displays, there are also less obscure tell-tale signs of his attachment to you. Birthdays, anniversaries and any special moment the two of you have shared are boldly etched in his mind. Yes, he may not jump up and down and shower you with extravagant gifts and fan fair, but you will be shown how enormously valuable you are to him. Perhaps in not so many words, but look into his eyes, the reflection back will be your own. His warmth and kindness always prevails, albeit ever so subtly.

In conclusion, the Virgo man is probably not as wildly passionate as the Scorpio fellow, not as energetic as the Aries man, and maybe not as regal as the Leo king, but with a Virgo man you have a man of incredible character. A man who will awaken with the sunrise and firmly plant his feet by your side. One who will never stray or wander and one who will care for you with his whole heart. Put his sometimes cranky ways to the side, hold his hand tight and walk with pride. The Virgo man is genuinely a man with a heart of gold.

James Gandolfini ~ September 18, 1961

Sean Connery ~ August 25, 1930

Ray Charles ~ September 23, 1930


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    • profile image

      Tha 5 years ago

      Great to read something like this...because I think you are spot on about how I am and I wonder how you knew all these details about me :) BTW I'm a Virgo man and damn proud of it !

    • profile image

      Vishwa 5 years ago

      Truely matches my defination. Im a Virgo Man

    • maticmagister profile image

      maticmagister 6 years ago from Slovenia

      Wow you just made my day. :)) great hub i love it, maybe because i am one of those Virgos. :))