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The love project part 1

Updated on February 14, 2008

Senses are tucked

in ego's will.

Love is a word


without meaning.

Yet it is found

in all hearts tender

or rough.

Let it out, you.

reluctance is no fool

yet silence is scary.

happiness is what you give

without echo.

Love is what you

enchant in yourself.

True love is what is

enchanted in tandem.

What is love?

I think we can all answer this. Love is so many things to so many people. If we took a survey, we would get as many answers as people we asked.

Monday morning 6:00 AM and the alarm screams to disturb what is a restful sleep. I always hit the snooze bar out of a sense of caution. Brushing my teeth, I try to get the yuck out of my mouth.

The radio blares as the time of silence afforded by the snooze button comes to an end:

Is love dead?Has romance left you?

Well, here is some good news.

Here are

10 ways to make your love life shine.

This is reported from the New England Journal of........

I slam the the snooze button and turn the alarm off while I am yelling profanities at the radio. What the heck is everyone thinking? This is a load of crap. I already had a headache from not getting enough sleep and this blaring crap about love is the last thing that I want to hear in the morning.

School at Fredrickson High school is kind of a love hate type of thing. It is a forced socialization for tortured young adults like myself. Yet this is where all social activities occur. We grow into adults here and develop ideologies that we carry into adulthood.

"Hey nick", I hear from a soft voice as my head is bent down towards the drinking fountain.

Oh, hi sherry.....looks like we made it through two weeks and we are still alive.

"yup", she replies.

Hey I got two movies. All of me with Steve Martin and Lilly Tomlin and 50 first dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam sandler. Are we still on tonight?

Sure sweety see you at seven, she replys.

Now I am not too much into these stinken mushy movies but what the heck. It is always a great way to score a few kisses. I am in no way altruistic.

As I walk into my English composition class, I can't help but day dream about a Friday evening with my girl friend Sherry. I plop out my note pad and after the bell rings I hear the words that no 10th grader wants to hear. "Term paper"......the blah blah blahs turn into something that is actually heard and strikes fear in our mortal souls. Here why don't you listen.

Class we are doing a project that I hope will give you an understand what it is like to participate in this great world of ours. Each one of you is going to be assigned a different thesis (oh how I hate this word). You will interview at least six people and write a paper no less than 20 pages single spaced. This will be turned in at the end of the year and will be 50% of your semesters grade. I will hand out some instructions which sill explain in detail what I expect. Your thesis statement will be contained on the first page. I hope that this helps you not only better citizens in the community but I hope that it helps you learn to express yourself.

Well maybe this won't be too bad. I was thinking that maybe I would get something neat like the corporate bankers or the Criminal behavior or something like that. I was not on the right track in my thinking, though.

I see Ms Harrilson handing others their assiginments and I hear groans and moans. There are a few assenters in the crowd but they are few and far between. I get my assignment and before I peak I ask about the thesis from the others adjacent to me. Okay John gets one on happiness.....Describe what causes happiness. Beth gets one on anger, Hector gets one on loniness. Well I look at my assignment and my thesis is true love. I do a double take.

What the heck!!!!! True love. There is nothing that I could write other than "love stinks". You know what, I couldn't think of any other topic that would be worse. By this time everyone was giving me heck.

Bwahahahaha....Oh Nick true love.....Ah are you going to marry Sherry. You are the sensitive one aren't you? was said by john.

I had a lot of gaffs and laughs from the monkey gallery.

Crimony, how does this make me a better person?

Create in the mind a path for the will and passion will follow


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