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The things guys do that makes girls mad.

Updated on January 19, 2009

The Do's and Don'ts of Any Male on Girl Relationship

Curious way to put a question, what men do to make anyone with the opposite equipment go crazy. The answers are going to be everywhere and they aren't going to make much sense to men.

Here's the thing, you don't need to be in a relationship with a girl to make her crazy, that means you could be her friend, her boss, her lover, her hubby, her boyfriend her crush. You're still going to make her want to duct tape you and send you off on your merry little way.

To the down and dirty!

Men seem to have it in them that they need to tease girls, might just be the "oh i am mightier then woman!" frame of mind that most men are in, even if subconciously. Yea sometimes its cute. Othertimes we're just to sweet to pop you in the throat for being a jerk.

Ugh, wow just realized that this is going to be really long if I don't shut my yapper, so lets go on a big old list.

MEN TICK US OFF WHEN YOU::: look at other women blatantly, have bad hygene, touch our car radios when WE ARE DRIVING, don't let us touch your cars but insist on touching ours, talk about your ex's, treat us like one of the guys in an oh so non-appropriate situation, act like you are always right, choose the tv shows and insult ours... and last but not least, accuse us of penis envy.

So adou, this is the last of my non-sense-making ramble. Enjoy your evening. 


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    • profile image

      '';'l 4 years ago

      omg lol

    • profile image

      Rebel 5 years ago

      I think what you said about guys teasing is true because i suspect to boys that might be into me by the way im a girl

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 9 years ago from Singapore

      Gonna put that down on my list of dating no-nos;

      "No touching of the car radio when the lady's driving, unless she's Rainbow, then I can touch as much as I want."

      Got it!  :)

    • profile image

      Rainbow Brite 9 years ago

      ROFLMAO sosososososo true!!! Though I say you couldda gone on a matter of fact, please do, there is an edit button for a reason you know! Although in defense of the radio thing, I've had ten people looking at my radio and no one can figure out how to set the time so anyone that can, please DO touch whenever the feeling moves you!

    • Mud Dog profile image

      Mud Dog 9 years ago from West Chicago IL

      RIGHT THERE! That's what I mean though, the posession that "oh we know it better". You don't. You think you do. Most girls know way more about techknowledgy then we let on! We want that helpless look so that guys are like oh how cute and they can swoop in and program the time on the microwave. Like when we let you squish the bugs that we could have already killed. It gives the guy a mental high and happiness, but it sooo doesn't mean that we NEED you to do it.

      The radio belongs to the driver, I don't care what you have between your legs. Don't touch. Might be the way that she wants it. Might be on a station that she's LISTENING to at the time you touch it. It's still a big no no.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 9 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for answering the request. :)

      I do so agree with you. The things that you mentioned will make me mad...and I'm a guy. No wonder the ladies are called our better halves!

      But I have to disagree with you about the car radios. Car radios these days come with many buttons, dials, sliders and who knows what else and is specially designed for the guy brain. We guys like to fiddle around and get the settings, the displays, the sound, and everything just right. That's the reason why we don't want you girls fiddling around with our radios 'cause you are going to mess things up. And when we touch your car radios, well, it's just that the setting's all wrong and we are just trying to get it right. No need to bite our heads off.

      BTW, I'm kidding. :)