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The way my sad unfortunated accident turned out...

Updated on December 16, 2008

How my horrible accident turned out...

Okay, I promised to let you know what happened with my nasty, leopard spotted hair. After the bleach accident...I don't recommend ever bleaching your hair. Trust can not be an option in this case, your hair will probably end up a hot mess. Well okay, to start with, I went to bed and woke up only to be even more horrifed! I guess I didn't quite get all the bleach out because my hair was even more horrendous than it was before I went to bed! What the hell am I going to do now? I had some copperish brown dye in my inventory and was not about to walk out of the house looking like this, not even with a hat on. I me it was that bad!

I went ahead and put the dye in my hair praying to god that my hair wouldn't fall out. During my wait for the dye to set in, I went through quite a few stages of emotinal breakdowns. First, I was so grateful...that i had the dye and didn't need to leave the house for it. Thank god I bought it! Second, I was scared to death of the outcome. Third, I think I was hyperventilating not because of the smell but because of the reality that I might actually lose all of my hair because I was trying to just save myself a couple bucks. Fourth, I started crying because...well hey losing all of your hair is actually an earth shattering moment too, ha. By the time I came about another emotional breakdown, it was time to unveil the outcome.

As I turned on the lights and started washing my hair out, I was observing the great fact that my hair was not falling out. Thank god! I dried off and forced myself to look in the mirror...OH my god!!!!!!!!!!! My hair was all the same color!! Nevermind the ugly wretched cherry color that came out, it was all the same color! I could leave the house now! The color looked like I did it on purpose! Now, I am going to wait a couple of weeks because if I do anything else to my hair this soon I'm convinced my hair will really fall out. I can live with the color, it really isn' t that bad, at least I don't look like a leopard, right? I'll be posting a pic of my new hair soon...


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    • binkier1109 profile image

      binkier1109 9 years ago from California, South Carolina

      LOL yeah thanks! WIsh I would have just paid to get it done and then all of that could have been avoided!

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 9 years ago from colorado springs

      I'm glad your experience ended on a good note.