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The Easy Bake Oven Is Hot - Literally!

Updated on February 6, 2007

Remember a thing called, "Adult Supervision"?

The Easy Bake Oven Is Hot, Literally - Don't Get Me Started!

Was it every gay boy's dream to own his very own Easy Bake Oven or was it just me? Well, I'm not ashamed to say that Mr. Hasbro knew what he was doing back then. Almost every toy that was a Hasbro toy was a "must have" for my generation. From Lite Brite (making things with light) to Monopoly (what Hasbro had on the toy industry) if it said Hasbro you knew it would be some good fun. Well, apparently some children have been sticking their little fingers in the latest model of the Easy Bake Oven, getting stuck and burning their hands so yesterday Hasbro recalled something like 985,000 of these ovens. Turns out that the Easy Bake Oven Is Hot, Literally - Don't Get Me Started!

As with many things, I'm not sure of the mechanics of the whole thing (and prefer it to be a complete mystery) but I remember back in the day you would get the Easy Bake Oven and then your poor parents (usually your father, cursing all the way) would have to go to the store to find the proper light bulb for the damn thing. (The light bulb is what created the heat to make the delicious treats.) Many a time I sat there when a female pal or relative got the Easy Bake Oven and even before all the wrap was off, I would chime in with desperation, "Did your parents get the bulb? You know it's nothing without the bulb!" At the sight of the parents' faces you could always tell whether or not they had bothered to read the box to find out about the whole bulb scam.

Be that as it may when you could finally make your treats in the coveted (not convection) oven, you would sit with wild anticipation only to have your "cakes" come out lumpy and bad tasting. Although you'd rather have a Twinkie or Ding Dong, you sat there eating it and kvelling over it as if Betty Crocker had touched the cake herself. (Remember when you could get the extra cake mixes that WERE Betty Crocker?)

But for all my reminiscing, I have to say that I'm done with all the recalls due to stupid people. Yes, you can say that kids will be kids and that we need to do everything to protect them but if you can't even teach your kids that an oven is hot (including pink plastic ones) we once again have parenting troubles not manufacturing ones. Dare I say it? I believe that the old boxes of the Easy Bake Oven came with a statement, telling parents that children should be supervised when using it. Supervise children when we can sue? How ridiculous, right?

Parents today seem to take no responsibility toward the raising of their children (why bother when you can let Super Nanny or Nanny 911 take care of your toddler or wait and take your "out of control" teen on Maury or Dr. Phil!). I admit there have always been some parents who try to buy their children's affection but today it's more about shutting them up and/or getting a company to pay for their own parenting inabilities through a lawsuit. Would it be that awful for the parents to actually engage their children when they're playing with something like the Easy Bake Oven and put it away where the child can't reach it when they can't supervise them? No, it must be Hasbro's fault.

What kills me about this whole thing is that last year I happened to go with a friend of mine to her sister-in-law's house. The sister-in-law's daughter had a friend over and believe it or not, they were in a different room playing with an Easy Bake Oven. I remarked to my friend that I couldn't believe that they were playing with that unsupervised but we just shook our heads and moved on. Soon after our arrival we smelled that undeniable smell of something burning and heard crying. We jumped up, raced into the other room and thank God the only thing burned was the cake and the tears were due to disappointment. (Well, I was disappointed enough to cry too) The mother simply yelled at the girl for not "keeping an eye on it" and then walked us back into the other room. Didn't take the toy away or make sure that it was safe, just walked us back to the other room and continued chatting about whatever she had been chatting about. I was shocked and asked her if she shouldn't take the oven away but was given a look of disdain and we made our exit soon after the incident.

As far as I'm concerned you have a couple of choices, you can supervise your kids and/or you can smarten them up by actually taking the responsibility of teaching your kids instead of leaving it to The Wiggles and MTV. Oh for the simple days of Slinky and Lincoln Logs! And for those who choose to not parent responsibly, at least tell your kids or your lawyer, the Easy Bake Oven Is Hot, Literally - Don't Get Me Started!

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