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The Making of an Effective Sales Person

Updated on June 6, 2008

General Traits of an Effective Salesperson

The days of the 'pushy' salesperson are over - here are the traits a salesperson needs in this era.

First, personal appearance. The first impression made is that of the salespersons appearance. If the potential client doesn't like the way a salesperson looks, it's a "no sale".

How should they look? If a female salesperson, they should be "attractive but not an attraction". It's not required a saleslady look "sexy". She should be nicely dressed, and dressed in the current style if possible. (It's not necessary to spend a great deal of money on fashions. For just a small price a person can shop at a retail store, or even borrow clothes from a friend. It's even possible to contact a clothing store and they may lend you clothes to wear if you promote thier product.) The mode of dress should be in keeping with the product being sold. No perfume or anything that emits an odor should be used, except some type of deodorant since the person you are taking with may be allergic. A hair style that becomes the saleslady. Very little jewelry, if any at all. For example: long dangling ear rings are out and so is the wearing of multiple bracelets. Smile - but don't be phoney about it. A pleasant smile can relax the client. Always use good manners - like saying "thank you" and "please" at the appropiate times - this also goes for the male salesman. Keep all tatoos hidden.

Appearance of the male salesperson. Be clean shaven. If a salesman has a beard or other facial hair, be sure it's neatly trimmed. Stay away from "fancy" cuts of either the head hair or facial hair such as "mohawks" (They tend to make a person an attraction rather than attractive.) If you wearear rings, remove them,(except for a wedding ring.) Keep other body piercings hidden or remove them. Avoid aftershave or lotion for the same reason noted above as to why a saleslady shouldn't wear perfume . For other ideas that make a good salesman, read what is written about the female.

Second, know your product. This is what seperates a salesperson from a store clerk. If a salesperson is just selling to an outside, home market, a script from the parent organzation may be provided. But, while knowing the script is very important, the potiential customer may ask a question not covered in the script. Should this happen in any situation, (inside retail or in the home,) just say you don't know, but will find the answer and notify them.) A few ways of finding the answer is to ask the manager of the store of reading the material that is with the product. The manufacturer may also have a Web site that can be accessed, so a salesperson can learn more about the product. If using a script, memorize it, but don't sound like "a recording" when you present it. If a person is selling to potiential customers in a retail store, they may be dealing with multiple products. Also keep this in mind, you will usually know more about the product than the client. a procduct.)

All salespersons must be certain the product they represent is the best product that exists. If they fail doing this, the sale is lost. The salesperson must also have confidence - confidence in themselves and in the product.

Third, closing the deal. Sooner or later, the deal is closed. Either the salesperson has convinced the potiential customer they need the product, or the customer has convinced the salesperson they don't need the product. What can convinvce the potiential client not to buy? They don't like the appearance of the salesperson, or maybe the attitudy of the salesperson, the salesperson doesn't ask the right questions, or the salesperson talks too much and oversells and last, the salesperson never invites the potiential customer to purchase the item.


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