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The Moonies, Church or a Cult

Updated on May 18, 2007

The Unification Church Overview

The founder of the Unification Church is Sun Myung Moon (born 1920). Founded "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity" in 1954 in South Korea. The current headquarters is in New York City.

The church writings are Divine Principle by Sun Myung Moon, considered to be the "Completed Testament", Outline of the Principle, Level 4, and the Bible. (The Bible is "not the truth itself, but a textbook teaching the truth.")

Their views on God are both positive and negative. God created the universe out of himself; the universe is God's "body." God does not know the future, is suffering, and needs man to make Him happy. They say there is no Trinity.

As to Jesus they believe he was a perfect man, not God. He is the son of Zechariah, not born of a virgin. His mission was to unite the Jews behind him, find a perfect bride, and begin a perfect family. The mission failed. Jesus did not resurrect physically. The second coming of Christ is fulfilled in Sun Myung MOon, who is superior to Jesus and will finish Jesus' mission.

They believe the Holy Spirit is a feminine spirit who works with Jesus in the spirit world to lead people to Sun Myung Moon.

They believe salvation comes from obedience to and acceptance of the True Parents (Moon and his wife), and eliminating sin and achieving perfection. Those married by Moon and his wife drink a special holy wine containing 21 ingredients, including the True Parents' blood.

They believe that after death one goes to the spirit world. There is no resurrection. Members advance by convincing others to follow Sun Myung Moon. Eventually everyone will be saved, even Satan.

Their beliefs include mass marriages (once 30,000 couples), based on different racial backgrounds, and that are arranged and performed by Moon. Members believe that Jesus bows down to Sun Myung Moon and that Moon is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and the Lamb of God. Contact with spirits of the dead is accepted.

Notes: Has over 300 financial institutions all over the world including publishers, jewelers, and clothing stores. Moon has spent time in a US prison for tax evasion. Moon claims to receive revelations from God. The church has spread internationally and is active in over 150 countries. It has approximately five thousand members in the United States but counts members in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. Address: HSA-UWC, 4 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036. Website:


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    • profile image

      hh 5 years ago

      Its not a cult

    • profile image

      Engineer 5 years ago

      Jesus Christ came to Rev Moon and spoke to him directly, OH PLEASE SPARE ME. What evidence is there? And why would Jesus Christ go to him out of the billions of people in this world. Also, he calls himself the Messiah? There are about 2000 people who think they are the messiah so what makes him any different? Anyone who says himself the Messiah is purely psychotic and extremely arrogant.

      I don't believe in God but I do believe that Jesus Christ was a great role model during that period and he deserves respect. I just personally believe that this 'second coming of Jesus Christ' is utter bollocks and bring false hope for people. I personally believe we should remember what Jesus taught us and bring that in to the world to make it a better place. There will be only one Jesus Christ and the most respected man in history who did not deserve to die so young.

      We are all here to make this world a better place and those who don't are put to Jail.

      If Rev Moon came up to me and said, "I am a normal human being who is trying his best to provide peace, but you don't have to join me if you don't want to" then I would respect that but so far what I have read, I am not convinced that is the type of man that he is.

      I will say one last thing, I myself have been to many Unificationist meetings and ceremonies only because certain relatives and part of this. To conclude the main question is this:

      If the Moonies give people the freedom to believe what they want and join only if they want to without any convincing, then it is a Church OTHERWISE anything to force people to join: A CULT.

      Try to argue this.

      One more thing, I am a strong believer in this, instead of the Bible, we should use our education, common sense, heart and gut feelings INSTEAD of going by what the Bible says.

    • profile image

      Hawk 5 years ago

      How do people fall for these high class con-men. All these leaders of nutcase cults are worth stone cold fortunes, which says it all.

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      Unification Church is not a cult

      The doctrine is not antibiblical, we are not contrary to the bible, the bible clearly says Jesus himself would return and yes he did, now Jesus is working spirituality wit reverend Moon.Rev Moon when he was 15 year old Jesus apired to him and talk to him directly, that was not a vision o dreaming o ilution, that was real Jesus Crist came from heaven! so you peaple you must to respect Jesus decition if you not change your behavier you will see the consecuence of your on point of view.

    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      The Unification Church is definitely a cult. Their doctrine is anti biblical, by that I mean many of their beliefs are contrary to the Bible. The Bible clearly says Jesus himself would return but they've substituted the 2nd coming by Sun Myung Moon as the 2nd coming.

      The Bible has never mentioned that we need new revelations from anyone for further light and that before the 2nd coming of Jesus there will be Mark of the beast enforced and no one can buy/sell without the mark. Unfortunately, Moon denies that and his Divine Principle blots out many of the Bible's teachings.

      If you readers want to accept the Bible as the one and only one true word of God, then please for your own eternal destiny's sake, ignore cult leaders like Sun Myung Moon.

      His church preaches that he and his children are perfect. How can that be when his eldest son, Hyo Jin Moon was a drug addict, womaniser, wife beater, used vulgar words etc. Moon himself was a promiscuous man.

      One of his daughters has left his church and is now denouncing the church. All these just don't add up to Moon and his church to be from God.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Remy Taupier 7 years ago

      Here is a very interesting article about Rev. Sun Myung Moon at