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Think! Discover the basis of sound thinking.

Updated on May 2, 2008


We are living in a world which is technically sophisticated yet forgotten the basis of sound reasoning in all aspects of life especially in profession! Restoring the sanity of right thinking is the strong foundation of a growing person.

We are taught to become polish, asseritve, dynamic, vibrant and enthusiastic yet we forget to THINK in a right way. We tend to percieve others for the sake of "utility" and " Convenience" instead of building an emotional and moral connectiity with him. The reasons of bitterness crops in relationship can be attributed to the fact that we try to imagine indivuduals in our perspective than "stepping further" and understand others in "his dimension". Although words like empathy and emotional intelligence often use in classroom trainings and leadership programmes the real life incidents depicts the failure of this trainings. Reason is simple "we fail because we failed to THINK"

Greek philosopher aristotle written a great deal on sound thinking and Thomas Aquinas eloborated and demonstrated the best way for sound thinking.

Let me scribble few nuggets on sound THINKING that enrich every relationship.

All relationship happens in mind first - So clear the mind:

I have seen very often people tend to rate others with in a short span of interactions this happens because we try to play the role of a scientist who possess the extra intelligence to sense the unknown mind of others. This results in the devolopements of prejudices; in short our opinion about another person solely depends on our past experiences and our thinking. Suppose a person keep positive thinking then he will percieve others with true spirit. So the best way to start a relationship is to have a right thinking - open the mind. If the glass is filled with water then noone can pour honey it will over flow. Relationship will take a perfect start if we empty our minds first and move with open heart.

Future is not an extension of past - never calculate a person with our previous bitter experiences:

This is one of the difficult process in this egoistic professional and social areas. We calculate everything on the basis of our past. we take the past to measure the future eventually ends up in wrong calculations. All new relationships are new avenues to discover the beauty of life. We never wear torn tie with a new suit. so always breath the fresh air. Judging everything on the basis of previous tracks is like inhaling the air we expelled it will destroy us. All relationships carry a definite marks in our life as they are pregnant with a solemn purpose. They are like a precious stone wrapped with colour papers.

See both the side of an arguments:

Develope the sound basis of reasoning by gazing in to "otherside" of the arguments. Todays leadership experts suggest to look for a win-win situation but this is above just a win win situation. This appeal for a total rework on our perspectives. Humanbeings tends to close the eyes on others perspective, all arguments lost the sanity the moment both the siides ignored. Even in a court judge pass the verdict only after hearding both the sides. But in our day to day life relationships getting spoiled because i want to win at anycost so that i can satisfy my own ego at the cost of a definite TRUTH. Thomas aquinas presented his philosophical proposition only after genuinly positioned his opponants arguments further he provided the reason for his stands. See the points of others so that we may not fall in to intellectual darkness.

People are greater than we think - we need a better lens to view.

There are certain people whom we consider as dumb, they may not be energetic as we are but never try to under estimate the worth of him because for hihs family he is the greatest personality. He/she is the happiness of the home and pillers of a family. he may not be great in our standards of thinking but leave him as he is tomarrow we will witness the victory of these type of people. I have never witnessed too much intelligent people are coming up in high positions where as whoever heading an organization may be a meduim performar in everything but he maintains an emotionally strong bond with others where as extra ordinary people often blinded by the lights of talents and wipe out from the picture. Discover the angel in others so we will discover our own guardian angel.

This is the basis of TRUE REASON!


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