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Third Generation iPod Battery Replacement

Updated on January 17, 2008

This One Was Easy to Do

This is my 3rd generation ipod and it needed a battery a few months ago. It was so easy to do that i put the old battery back in and repeated the process on camera so you could see for yourself.

I installed a new ipod battery from one of the several 3rd-party companies out there, and it was not hard to do at all. On this iPod, the hardest part imho was opening up the case. But if you press the two halves together, I found that it pushes out the bottom lip of the silver back and you can easily slide the tip of the long blue iopener tool into it.

I struggled a little bit to get the hard drive reconnected and had to ignore the chuckles from my fish while i got it re-seated.

Of all the ipods I have replaced batteries in, I think this ranks as one of the easiest to do.


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