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Three magical words make work easy

Updated on December 20, 2007

Do you want to obtain good marks?

Do you want to get promotion?

Do you want to succeed in business?

Do you want to win the heart of others?

Whatever you want you can get. But how? Is there any need to go to luck repair shop?

No, not at all. Do not ever try to go there as people claiming to be able to repair your luck or help you to be lucky actually befool you and loot your money. They do not have any power to help you get what you wish.

Then what is needed to be done to make your dream come true? Very simple. You just have to adopt three magical words. After placing it you will be able to make impossible possible. Are you interested to know what these three words are? Of course! You are.

Let’s open the secret. These words are Determination, Persistence and Introspection. I believe these words to be magical as they are able to help us get the place we deserve, the money we dream to earn and the love we wish to have.

First of all determination is needed to achieve what you want to. Once you become determined you win the half battle. Winning the next half battle depends on persistence. If you continue working hard without tiring you win the remaining battle.. Even after having determination and persistence if you are far away from your goal it indicates that now introspection is needed. Have an impartial introspection. Make up your deficiencies and again use determination and persistence. Success will definitely be there.


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