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Three Views of the Rapture

Updated on June 8, 2008

Three Views of the Rapture

Before proceeding, it needs to be understood that there is no such word as, Rapture, in the New Testament. Here is a brief synopsis of three views of the rapture. First, there is the Pre-Tribulation view. Those holding this view claim that Christ will rapture, take, or remove. Christians out of this world so they will escape the Tribulation. Second: is the opinion of those who claim the Mid-Tribulation Rapture. Those holding this view claim the Rapture will take place half way though the Tribulation period. If you read the book of Revelation carefully, it will be noted that Satan is in charge of the first half of the Tribulation. Since history indicates that Christians in the past were persecuted, so why should they escape persecution during the Tribulation? The last and third popular view is that of the Post Tribulation Rapture. It is believed by the those advocating this view, that Christians will go through the whole Tribulation Period ending with Christ making it possible for Christians to meet Him in the sky and then return to set up the millennium rule of Christ.


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