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Tim Gunn's Guide To Style and boredom

Updated on September 21, 2007

Tim Gunn Bobble Head

In Your Own Words Tim Gunn, "Oh Dear" - Don't Get Me Started!

Have you tuned into Tim Gunn's Guide To Style show on Bravo yet? Well, I gave it two weeks and let me just say that I was really thinking this was going to be a great show. After all, I love Mr. Gunn on Project Runway and as we speak I'm looking at the personally autographed (to me) Tim Gunn bobble head they sent me as one of my prizes when I became the Ultimate Fan Blogger for Project Runway Season 3. And so after week one I decided that I would give it another week but now after two weeks of watching I'm sorry Tim but those are two very long hours of my life I'll never get back. In your own words Tim Gunn, "Oh dear." - Don't Get Me Started!

I sat on the edge of my seat along with everyone else when there were rumors circulating that Tim Gunn might possibly not come back to Runway for season four. "Say it isn't so" was all I could muster until I finally read that there were some contract issues but they had been resolved and he would indeed be back for the new season. Now I think I know what the problem was with the contract negotiations. I have a feeling that Tim wanted Bravo to develop his own show too and perhaps for once the Bravo execs were showing some sense (unlike when they wear dress pants without socks). At any rate I was excited about the show. However I became a bit suspicious from the get go when I saw that his cohort in crime would be fashion model Veronica Webb. Oh she's pretty enough but does wearing clothes make you an expert or even give you what it takes to help others when your barometer has to be way off with the haute couture fashions that she no doubt sported from runway to runway? Okay, open mind here, it's still Tim Gunn and she is pretty and gay thin.

I don't know how you take a makeover show and make it this dull but voila they've managed to do the impossible. By about ten minutes in, Tim has made the makee cry just by wanting her to commit to the difficult times ahead in facing her fashion faux pas past and learning how to correct them. (Now I cry at coffee commercials and can no longer watch any of the Extreme Makeover shows for fear of becoming dehydrated from all the sobbing I do but let me say, no chance of me shedding the slightest tear over this show) The show goes on from there as Tim and Veronica look at each piece of clothing the woman has and then as we start to try and look around hoping there's an animal or something moving in the apartment or home where the makee lives to try and give the show some life, Tim looks over his glasses and gives a trademark, "Dreadful" while Veronica is usually looking off into space perhaps thinking about her runway days or something equally fascinating like whether or not she picked up her dry cleaning today.

The show is like that girls' book, Sarah Plain and Tall except it's Tim Plain and Tall (with a black model). Unfortunately for Mr. Gunn, without the designers' energy to feed off like on Project Runway, the whole thing comes off like two smug fashionistas who are so bored that they make you bored watching it until there's no longer a need for Ambien or Tylenol PM in your life. This show will put you to sleep as sure as you're bored.

My suggestion to help this show out (not sure it can be saved) would first to be to get rid of Veronica Webb. Let's face it no woman really wants some glamorous, size negative four fashion model telling her she looks like crap and giving her advice. To give the show some much needed life I propose that each week Tim have a different co-host. The co-host would be a notable (and energetic) fashion designer. Week one could be Betsey Johnson, I mean come on having her around makes anyone smile. Her energy would be the much needed caffeine enema Tim seems to need. Week two they could bring in Isaac Mizrahi. He'd be singing show tunes and dressing that woman like she'd never been dressed before. If there was someone with a bigger personality it would help Tim enormously. Sorry Tim, you're good as a secondary lead not leading man material. You're the (pardon the expression) straight man but as it stands right now you have no comic to add energy and excitement so you're doomed, I'm afraid. It's not effective when you look over your glasses for every statement you make and then Veronica Webb moves one of the muscles she can still move on her botoxed face in agreement with you.

Tim Gunn, I like you and I want to like your show but dear God man you make everything that Kathy Griffin says about fashion people true. In one of her stand up routines she says, "Oh yeah, those people over at Vogue are a real riot." Same goes for you and Veronica Webb. Good luck Mr. Gunn and I'll tough it out and watch a few more episodes to see if you can "Make it work" but right now, in your own words Tim Gunn, "Oh dear." - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Huntley, glad you're enjoying the blog and the whole Tim Gunn show makes me "Klensch" if you know what I mean and I know that you do!

      Of course you come to town when I'm going out of town. I leave Sunday for business and won't be back until the 10th! Alas, the anticipation of meeting continues...stay tuned...and yes, I'll go to that buffet next year!

    • profile image

      Huntley 10 years ago

      Get out of my head. I did cringe when I heard that Ms. Webb would be the co-host. I remember her always being interviewed in the 80's when the only glimpse of fashion week was CNN's "Style with Elsa Klensch"...and it's clear she's not really discovered much more of a smile. Oh...since I'm already here....I loved the blog on the buffet line...and yes, I do wish it had been written from your first hand experience.

      P.S. Keep and eye out for me...I'll be at a meeting in Vegas all of next week at The Red Rock...