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Time Management for Teachers

Updated on July 16, 2008

Welcome to Time Management for Teachers

Time Management is a huge issue for a lot of teachers. And, that's exactly why I've created this hub to help you discover some of the best time management strategies and use them effectively to get the results you want!

Proven Time and Stress Management Tips for Teachers

1. Always prioritize

Know exactly what you're going to do next, why you're doing it, by when it needs to be completed and what's the big picture.

If you are unlcear - you'll run around like a headless chicken

2. Say NO To Distractions

  • Unplug the phone
  • Turn off the Television
  • Turn off your computer
  • FOCUS!

3. Write down the distractions so you can review them later.

(Some distractions can be useful ex: a new idea, an important tip from a friend, a reminder to finish something etc)

4. Join a Free Time Management Course

5. Create Time for FUN

All work, no play stresses you out and makes you highly unproductive.

Set aside at least 30 minutes each day for yourself

Time Management for Teachers Through Organizing

Here are some tips to help you organize well..

1. Clean up your desk before you go home. Yeah, I know it adds more work but seriously, it also saves time in the morning.

2. Get rid of all useless "stuff" on your desk. Go ahead do a quick cleaning. If you can't decide whether something should stay or go, put it in a different pile and store it somewhere else. Your desk isn't the place for these "Maybe they'll be of use someday" things.

3. Take care of all the paper. You can use a binder, several folders or anything else that works for you. Just don't leave them around to be misplaced or lost.

And, tons of paper clutter the desk as well.

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