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Updated on May 22, 2008

Zig Zagging Between Hemispheres

Flying the friendly skies may not be a favorite travel mode for most but it IS the fastest way to arrive at multiple destinations.

My latest trip was zig zagging between hemispheres. Starting from home in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand in its fall season, to the northern hemisphere in Asia to South Korea in its season of Spring. Point to point took 12 hours and 6000+ air miles. Two weeks later I returned and 2 days after that, was on another plane bound for Seattle via Hawaii. It started at around 12noon on 21 June, 11 hours later connected in Hawaii and after the next flight of 6 hours, I landed in Seattle at 10:30am the same date! An exhausting gain. When returning to New Zealand it will be 2 days later than when I depart even thought the actual flights will be the same amount of hours and miles.

Closest thing to a time machine, in a relative short time span one can off the plane in a completely different culture and time zone and even day-amazing when you think about it in those terms.


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    • profile image

      stormy 9 years ago

      i need to get me one of those

    • profile image

      Linda 9 years ago

      Oh! There's more! I am enjoying your travel blogging :)