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Tips For An Easy Public Speaking

Updated on December 6, 2007

Most people were ask, on what is their most hated experience, and most respondents answered Public Speaking. Almost everyone hates to speak in public. The main reason people are scared to speak in public is they are scared that their audience will laugh at them when they commit some mistakes, but most professional public speaker also commit mistakes and they are also scared every time they will have a public speaking engagement, but the difference with this expert and the ordinary people is, experts know how to handle their mistakes in public, so that the audience will not notice it.

Tips for an Easy Public Speaking :

Practice in front of your friends or members of your family. Ask them to tell you when you are coming across effectively and when you are not

Record your next presentation on tape or video in advance, to hear or see yourself from the audience's point of view. Look out for special strengths you may be able to capitalize more on, and for weaker points where you may be able to improve.

Keep your speech well organized and clearly focused on the important issues.

Make it short and simple and do not try to fit in everything you know. Remember that studies show audiences will absorb only one or two main points.

The first few moments on stage are usually the worst. Clear your throat before you get up to talk. Take a few deep breaths to relax while you are being introduced. When you rise to speak, smile, thank your introducer and then wait. Do not begin to speak until everyone in the audience is giving you their undivided attention.

Establish eye contract with three friendly looking faces, one towards the back of the room, one to your left, and one to your right. As you glance from one to another your eyes will seep the room, giving everyone the impression that they are being spoken to personally.

Use your hands to control anxiety. Moving slightly and making gestures will help you to relax, but try not to wave your hands in front of your face. Avoid clenching your fists or gripping the podium tightly.

If you begin your speech with a joke, be sure it is actually funny. One of the fastest ways to alienate an audience is with a joke the falls flat. It is safer to start with an intriguing rhetorical question to arouse their curiosity.

Consider your tone of voice. Clipped, staccato speech patterns can make you sound tense or authoritarian. If you end a sentence on a higher note you will seem to be asking for agreement, lower your voice to sound more sure of yourself.


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    • carrielee10 profile image

      carrielee10 10 years ago from Holly Grove, AR

      These are some great tips that could help you when you have a publis speaking engagement. This is a very good read.

    • gabriella05 profile image

      gabriella05 10 years ago from Oldham

      Great hub like it