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Tips to get better at texas hold em tournaments

Updated on August 31, 2007

texas hold em tournaments.

Is regularly winning Texas Holdem tournament possible?

Winning maybe not all the time but placing more often than not is very possible.

I'm sure you wish this article was 5 lines long and provided you with that perfect answer to Winning Texas Holdem Tournament every time. Sorry to say that is not going to happen! However, I can start by telling you this: The secret behind winning and placing in a Texas Holdem tournament is that a chip valued at 1000 isn't always worth 1000.

That's right! Imagine 2 scenarios

1) You're at the beginning of a tournament with 5000 chips

2) You're in the late rounds of that tournament and are sitting with 224,000 chips

Is your 1000 chip as important in both situations? Absolutely not!

Being able to realize where your stack stands vs the blinds as well as the other players stacks in one of the key concepts for you to start winning texas holdem tournament.

Tight or Loose?

A mix of both is the right answer here:

In the early rounds, you'll want to see more flops at a cheap cost hoping to hit big hands that will pay good.

In the middle rounds, it's time to tighten up as you don't want to lose precious chips to a preflop re-raise.

In the later rounds, you have to be agressive and steal those blinds when possible.

Of course, Texas Holdem is a game of situations. You could be dealt AQ 4 times in the same tournament and have to play it in that many different ways.

If you're serious about winning texas holdem tournament, it is crucial you stop applying many concepts you're using in cash games and learn which moves will transform you in a player making it in the money from time to time to that player who will regularly start winning texas holdem tournament.

I would also advise you read books and buy DVD's and watch them you will learn so many styles and ways to play that you will definatley become a better player.


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    • profile image

      Scott 9 years ago

      Interesting article! Great point about a chips value being different at different stages of a tournament. The same can be said of a chair at the table or a card being dealt. There is a *lot* of subtlety in texas holdem.