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Today A Greeting Card Tomorrow A Cardcert Tour

Updated on April 30, 2007

Today A Greeting Card, Tomorrow A Cardcert Tour! - Don't Get Me Started!

Well if you've been to any page of my website you know that my mother and I have been immortalized by the gang at MikWright. (Click here to buy the cards individually and stock up for chrissakes! ) That's right, you can finally say you know someone on a MikWright card (well, sort of). It has been very fun, waiting to hear which pictures they chose and then finally seeing the card and the magic the team at MikWright worked on for the captions inside. No doubt it's the kind of thrill reserved mostly for people like Helen Hallmark (or whoever invented the whole Hallmark thing). Some of my friends and family just can't believe that we would let ourselves "in for it" but what they don't know is that my family (especially my Mother and I) have always secretly seen ourselves as legends in our own minds. So like most things in my life, I'm going to try to make the absolute most of it. Today a greeting card, tomorrow a cardcert tour! - Don't Get Me Started!

All ready the stories have begun to come in from family and friends about purchasing the cards in stores and online. One of my mother's (and our family's) most beloved pals for forever, Bill (they continually tried to come up with recipes to win the Pillsbury Bake Off one summer and everyone gained ten pounds! Meanwhile they never entered because all they ended up with was an icing and nothing to put it on.) immediately went online and bought a dozen of my mother's cards. My aunt who lives in Arizona actually went to a store in Phoenix to do her purchasing. Here's the story I got (as translated through my mother and no doubt embellished by me a bit). So my mother says, "Your aunt went into a store in Phoenix to get our cards. You know it was one of those <lower voice to whisper> gay <back to full voice> stores." My father loudly (the only way he talks), "How the hell do you know that it's a gay store for chrissakes?" My Mother, "You know, Ann said that it was filled with rainbows. <knowing head nod and wink>" As my mother continues on my Father and guy begin to talk about something on the nature channel, meanwhile I am of course riveted to the story my mother is telling. My mother continues, "So she gets to the counter with the cards and asks the guy if he thinks that these cards are funny. Of course he thinks the whole line of MikWright cards are funny and yes he likes these cards too." Because my family can't resist giving more information to total strangers than ever needed, my aunt proceeds to tell the guy that not only is one of the pictures her sister-in-law but the other one is her nephew who has the Some Like It Scott site. Well, lo and behold, he actually knows my site and has read some of my blogs. My aunt thought it was all hysterical (almost as hysterical as when she first found out about the cards by visiting my site and calling my mother crying she was laughing so hard about it!) and the guy behind the counter I'm sure had a "clutching of the pearls" moment over it. (We can only hope he's reading this now and that he has put our cards on the counter as the featured cards and he's telling and selling them to everyone in the store or that passes by!) Hey card seller of the rainbows, email me, we'll chat!

You see, while some people may find it odd that we're getting so excited over becoming a card, my mother is (as we speak) rummaging through every box of old pictures convinced she can "do better" and come up with a funnier photo of herself while I'm trying to figure out how to make the whole thing a performance piece that tours card stores, complete with multi-media slides of MikWright and old family photo images behind me and me reading some of my blogs. A Some Like It Scott Cardcert Event! Agents reading this, are you listening?

The thing is that my entire family has always had one important thing going for it. We have a great sense of humor. Through all of the rough times we've had we always have had the ability to make one another laugh...a lot. My aunt that I talk about in this blog can tell a story like nobody's business, she's the aunt you would ask to tell the same story over and over again and you'd be rolling on the floor crying you were laughing so hard no matter how many times she told the tale. Bill that I talk about has the ability to crack you up with one look of complete disgust, without ever saying a word. Whether we're poking fun at someone in the news or someone closer to home, I'm so thankful to have a family that laughs so much.

I know that I'm making "Mik" from MikWright crazy as I keep asking for the stats about how many we've sold, etc. But I can't help myself. If I didn't try to make this into something more than it is and fail miserably I wouldn't be the greatest never was been there's ever been. No; fame for me must always be just close enough for me to get my fingertips on but not close enough for me to actually grab a hold of it. Still, in my mind there's a hush that falls over the crowd in the fluorescent lit store filled with stuffed animals, cards and yes, perhaps even rainbow merchandise. Through the overly candle scented air you hear the owner of the store say, "Ladiessss and Gentssss, here today is the guy you read online, the card you'll buy today in the store with the stories you'll be repeating tomorrow at the gym, Scott from Some Like It Scott!" Today a greeting card, tomorrow a cardcert tour! - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas


      Thanks so much for your comments. So glad you visited the site and laughed, isn&#39;t laughing the best thing ever? You would just know that Uli would be wonderful, right? She should have won - still gets me!

      Glad you&#39;re inspired, thanks for all the inspiring hubs yourself! Shalom!

    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      i&#39;ve been laughing my head off and not getting my work done all morning, Scott! i luuuuuv the cards! then i went on all kinds of tangents clicking around &quot;Some like it Scott.&quot; by the way, a few months ago i saw Uli in front of the Wild Oats Market (in Miami Beach), congratulated her and she was totally gracious, not like Karolina Kurkova who made a crazy, scrunched up face when i turned to look at her while having lunch at Sardinia... oh, all these tangents... i feel inspired. Shalom.