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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 24: St. Francis' Folly, Part 6

Updated on July 28, 2008

Use the ledges to get back up, and then move the block away from the fountain. The raft will need to be moved just a bit. Stand to the left at where the bridge has broken off. Grapple hook it and bring it toward you.

Jump up to the next level, and move the block away from the fountain up there. The raft should be positioned in between two bridges. It must be close enough to the window so Lara can jump on it, then jump to the window. This may take a little bit of grapple manipulation on both sides.

Eventually, you will get to that ledge. Jump up to the right, and shimmy right over and climb into the next room. Take the Key of Poseidon from the pillar, and pull the lever to open the door.

Go ahead and dam up the fountain, then jump down into the water below. Get up and go out of the room the same way you came in.

You will soon reach the opposite side of the door. You can use the same method to get out as you did to get in. Simply pull the lever, jump and hang on to the metal part of the door, and then ride it to the top. On the count of three, the door will close. Make sure to scramble your way up and grab the window before that happens. It is tricky to time, but you will soon be able to get it every time. Now, go to the other side and drop down.

Head back to the superstructure room, and the ramp will extend. This is a sign that the room is complete. You should be able to jump to the superstructure and be at level 2.

Jump up to level 3 via collapsed block, then the ledge on one pillar. Shimmy around that ledge right around two corners then scramble up one. Shimmy right and lateral jump to a ledge. Haul yourself up that ledge, then jump to another ledge, where a pillar has fallen.

Cross that pillar and jump up right. Pull on a cage until it can’t be pulled anymore. Using the ledge nearby, shimmy right and then perform a lateral jump. Shimmy around and drop to the area and claim a small medipack.

Grab the ledge, shimmy left, make the lateral, and jump left to where another cage sits. Push this cage as far as it can go. Jump to the top of the cage, pull yourself up, then jump to the overhead ledge to the left. Shimmy around the corner left all the way and drop down one ledge.


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