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Tomb Raider Anniversary Guide for the Wii 18: Tomb of Qualopec, Part 3

Updated on July 28, 2008

Go back to the other side of the room, climb the pole, and get to the ledge. Jump to the top. Avoiding the darts, jump to the top of the pole, then jump to the ledge on the left. Lateral jump past darts to the right, then release to the top of the pole. Jump to the other side.

Keep going down the hall, and you will soon be in a room whose floor collapses. Take out the wolves.

Once they are out, go up the ramp and grab the cage. Push the cage over the edge, and drag it to a stone support with a nearby ledge. Get on the cage, jump to the ledge. Scramble up to the next ledge, then backwards jump to the pole. Jump to the next pole, then to the ledge. Shimmy right around the corner, and backwards jump to the flip-pole. Use the flip-pole to get to the ledge, and pull yourself up. Grab the ledge from there, and scramble to the next one. Shimmy to the right, and backwards jump to the pole.

Now, climb the pole to the top, and look around. There is a ledge on the top. Jump to that ledge, pull yourself up, and claim the Second Artifact.

Hang off from that ledge, lateral jump, and you’ll be on a ledge you’ve been to before. Jump to the pole, climb, and then jump to the switch. You may be lucky enough to get the ledge before it. Release and when the switch is pulled, lateral jump right to the flip-pole.

Flip to the nearby ledge, then shimmy left until you can scramble up to the next ledge. Shimmy right, and you’ll soon be able to scramble up to a small room. You should be able to jump out of this room to where you need to go.

Once you leave, you have to deal with a raptor. Take him out and go back through the poison darts and ledges. You will now be at the doorway, and you can leap on the tall platforms to the bridge.

You will be at a door free from gates, so take it. You will soon reach the Scion of Atlantis. Everything goes wrong here. You will have to run out of this room, and back to the broken bridge. Jump over the gaps and then go back to a room you have been to before.

From here, you will have to jump to a nearby ledge. Jump to the top of a pole, then to another one. Jump to a flip-pole, which will take you to the top of another vertical pole. Jump to the other side.

Run until you see the Lost Valley and Larson. There will be some things that you need to do, but this will lead to a cut scene where you discover that Natla is up to no good, and you must go to Greece.


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