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Men: Tone the Body for Free Guaranteed

Updated on January 3, 2013

Strengthen the Upper Body for Free

Are you sick of paying gym fees? Are you really getting your value for money? Are you being faithful to your exercise routine or do you go days or weeks without exercise?

Here's a free way of toning your body guys! As I'm a guy I can only attest to this working for guys so far. But ladies, why not try it too? This free training program is simple and is guaranteed to work for guys who have a slim or average build to tone the upper body and strengthen it. But the guarantee only comes if you are willing to put the effort in.

1. How to do pressups

2. Do twice daily. First thing in the morning or thereabouts and just before you go to sleep. Try to do before you have a shower. Doing it a regular time helps you to remember to do it and so it becomes a routine.

3. Start with 5 pressups a time. Then build up to 10 pressups after three weeks or when you feel you can do more.

4. After first month continue to build up.

I started doing daily pressups in about August. By November (3 months later) I was doing 30-35 pressups. I like to go fast so that there is a rythm and it gets the heart pumping. By this time, November, I could see my chest and arm muscles toning very nicely. So when I went on a Christian Mission to the Cook Islands I actually looked good with my shirt off at the beach. It is now January and I'm currently up to 50 pressups and have just started doing pressups three times a day.

Please note that I am not a trained professional. So if needed consult a doctor if you feel in adverse affects from this programme. Please let me know if you want to try this programme and I would love to hear your results.

God bless

Brendan Roberts

Looking toned in the Cook Islands


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    • profile image

      Maria Alicia 9 years ago

      I didnt know you were writing this kind of articles which are interesting too ,thanks for it. good tip Brendan , i liked the idea im going to try it and wiill let u know if it works with me. P.D get more tanning lotion ,lol