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Toothpaste For Burns

Updated on February 4, 2009

Burns - UGH

We have all burned a finger or some part of our body at one time or another.  OUCH that hurts sooooooo bad.  What do you do to stop that awful, throbbing pain?  I have tried everything.  But the ONLY thing that I have tried that really works is toothpaste.  Who would have thought?  Trust me, it works and your burn is not partial to any brand, except the red transparent brands do not seem to work as well.  There is a trick to this, though.  You must completely cover the burn as soon as it occurs.  If you wait until the burning sensation has started, it does not work very well.  Just cover the area completely and leave it on for about 30 minutes.  Then soak off.  CAUTION:  this is not to be used with a serious burn.   


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    • The Communicator profile image

      The Communicator 9 years ago from Germany

      Hi, Im The Nana,

      Thanks for sharing this! Might come in pretty handy...!

      Best wishes,

      The Communicator

      P.S.: ... welcome to HubPages!