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Top 5 Wii Accessories

Updated on February 6, 2008

Everyone seems to have a Wii these days, but many people seem to overlook the available accessories for the Wii. There are many hardware add-ons to the Wii that make it an even more enjoyable gaming system. Some of the common problems, from realistic feel, batter power, and more can be solved with these accessories.

Wii Controller Stand
Wii Controller Stand

#5: Wii Charge Station

This thing is fantastic. I've wasted SO MUCH money buying batteries for my Wii controllers before I found this little baby. You'll never have to worry about running out of battery power again. I wish something like this was included with the Wii itself; the system might be the cheapest on the market (vs XBox 360 + PS3), but you waste far more batteries on the Wii.

#4: Wii Zapper

This accessory is great for those big shooter games. If the Wiimote just doesn't feel enough like a machine gun, try this gun out. It also has a great design to it; you can actually use it naturally, without having to resort to jolting actions to get it to do what you want it to do.

#3: Wii Grand Slam Sports Pack, Magnum Gun and Gladiator Kit

This monster is the ultimate for a more realistic gaming experience. Whether you buy a game with swords (Legend of Zelda), a shooting game (Metroid), or sports games (Wii Sports), these accessories will certainly make the game feel more realistic. If nothing else, it's lots of fun to play around with.

#2: Wii Classic Controller Grip

The concept behind this is so simple, I'm amazed I didn't think of it first: Make the classic controller into a more playstation-like controller. The classic controller always gave me a weird feel in my hands when I tried to use it. Now that I own this little accessory, I can't use the classic controller without it. I might as well be using a playstation controller.

#1: Nintendo Wii Net Connect

Why does this take the #1 spot? I HATE getting kicked from being online more than anything else in the world. From Super Smash Brothers Brawl to Guitar Hero, these games NEED consistent, solid online connectivity. While the wireless connectivity of the Wii is a fine feature, I want something that won't disconnect me from the internet. This is just that accessory, turning a USB port in the back of your Wii into an ethernet port.


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    • profile image

      FalcoVet101 9 years ago

      Thats the perfect list! Great job! I also wasted a lot of batteries for the wiimote and I hate getting kicked off while im online (especially when im winning)