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Accounting Schools

Updated on March 22, 2013

Accounting Schools

Branch of accounting is popular and is the most commonly practiced field around the world. Accounting field is a very interesting, gives lot of opportunities for growth and progress. This field is suitable to people who are fond of solving problems and easily work with figures. Choosing a right accounting school out of number of schools and colleges can be confusing to anybody. First, you should assess whether to take up a distance-learning mode or regular learning mode. After taking this decision, you should now start enquiring about the schools with different sources such as friends, people you know who are in that field, schools that are nearer to your home and use technology like internet to search for schools. Internet is the best place where you can find the information about the schools very quickly and easily. Look out for the schools that have the top ranking in the accounting programs.

How do the schools get ranking?

The school programs (graduate/undergraduate) are, ranked in the Public Accounting Report. These are based on the survey sent to accounting professors, Head of the departments and Chairmen of the Department concerned. They are to rank the programs, which are most relevant to the current needs. Other factors like school infrastructure etc are also taken into account for ranking. Most of the recruiters also check these program ranking' while recruiting candidates. These ranks are given on a yearly basis and hence are not permanent.

Some of the top most accounting schools: In the year 2005 survey, university Illinosis at Urbana- champagne ranked as the top school for the accounting. This university is offering courses for undergraduates and having student strength of 29,632, the faculty to student ratio is of 1:14. The tuition fee costs around $8,624 in the state and Out of State-$22,710. The SAT test score is necessary for the admission into the course.

The University of Texas - Austin ranked as top one in 2006 according to the 25th Annual survey of accounting professors. The tuition fee costs around, in state $5,735 and Out-of-state-$14,435. The test score of SAT is necessary for the admission. According to the survey, 86% of their top students have joined or planning to join big four accounting firms after finishing graduations.

The University of Pennsylvania is offering one of the top ranked accounting programs. The undergraduate programs cost of the tuition fee is $32,364. The test score of SAT is necessary and a score of 1400-1600.

The University of Tennessee's accounting programs are in the top 20 ranks among the public universities. According to public accounting report this university's undergraduate program ranked 20th and graduate program ranked 19th among 300 public and private schools.

The Wisconsin-Madison School of Business is offering graduate and undergraduate accounting programs. According to public accounting report of the universities, this school accounting program rated among the top 10.

The Mason School of Business founded in the year 1693 and second oldest university only next to Harvard. The 2006 survey of Public accounting report's annual Professor Study has published its list of the top accounting programs ranked in the top 25.This school also offers both graduate and undergraduate accounting programs.

The Texas A&M University' accounting programs ranked sixth among the universities, according to the public accounting report 25th Annual Professor's Survey. In the year 2005 survey, its graduate and undergraduate accounting programs were ranked 8th and 7th respectively.

Some of the other universities that are offering accounting programs and are among the top rankers are:

University of Michigan,University of Notre Dame, The Eli Broad College of Business of the Michigan University, University of Southern California, New York University, University of california, Berkeley, Brigham Young University, Indiana University -Bloomington, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill, Bentley College, Baylor University, University of Mississippi , DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management, University of Phoenix, University of Alabama's Culverhouse School of Accountancy , Westwood College, Northern Illinosis University(NIU) and Florida State University. For other (particular) details, you can always visit the university's websites.

Online advisors:

To find a top accounting school one can even go to accounting schools advisory websites. These sites will give you all the details of the universities and help you in choosing a top accounting school in a big way. These sites will also help you find the top accounting school, which includes lists of schools offering accounting programs, certifications, online accounting schools, some important tips and these sites are a complete guide for you to earn your accounting degree. There are also some professional career counselors, whose guidance can be used (online), for suggestions about the suited course and other best options available.

Getting into the right accounting school is very important but need to do a very good research before you enroll an accounting course. Top accounting schools have the best record for providing their students good career options. Therefore, the future of ones career hangs on the school and the program that one chooses.


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      Bentley College is probably the greatest school ever.

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      Manohar, you like figures and sums

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