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Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Updated on December 21, 2008

The RUSH is on! Everyone is now frantically looking for the perfect Christmas gift for their family members and friends, so look no further. Here you will find the ten hottest items on the market, with reviews for all of them, and links to where you can buy them easily at a great price. So don't be caught giving your teenage son a shirt, your daughter some piece of jewelery she'll think is lame, or your father some useless little trinket. Instead, take a look at these items below. Some of them are meant for any age, others are a bit more age specific, but nevertheless this pretty much sums up the hottest items on the market in a clear and concise way.

Picture from
Picture from

#10: Universal Remote

Sounds a bit basic? You'd be surprised how many people lack this vital necessity. Being able to program in four different devices into a single remote has great benefits. It clears up all those old remotes, make using all your devices easier, and it's just plain cool. Turning on your TV/Surround Sound/DVD Player combo goes from a total hassle to a one-remote solution.



One For All URC 4220 Big Easy 4-Device Universal Remote Control (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
One For All URC 4220 Big Easy 4-Device Universal Remote Control (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This is the inexpensive version. It's simple and works great; I own this one and haven't experienced any problems in over a year.


#9: Record-to-CD Converter

Got some old relatives? Old yourself? Undoubtedly you have some old records lying around. This is a really nifty little device that hooks straight into your computer. It can convert any record spotlessly into mp3 format for a more permanent recording than a fragile record. The perfect gift for more elderly couples.


Picture from
Picture from

#8: Amazon Kindle

This gift cannot be overstated in value; it's like the IPod of Books.  No longer will you need to lug around countless giant books to pass the time.  No longer will you have to pack a separate bag for planes just to carry your books.  This incredibly nifty device from allows you to carry tens of thousands of books in a device the size of a single large paperback book.  This one is universally great, and works for kids or adults. 

Picture from
Picture from

#7: Digital Picture Frame

Get this one for the elders in the family.  Who knew a picture frame could be in such high demand?  You can store countless pictures in a single frame.  They can be set to scroll through pictures at various times, and some of them even have music to go along.  It's fantastic to be able to replay all of your favorite memories (fify or a hundred of them!) on this tiny little device. 

Picture from
Picture from

#6: Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Enthusiasts of either one will undoubtedly be angry that I "dare" to place them together like this, but for the layman they're pretty similar. For a college student wanting some fun, or an aging dad wanting to have fun playing drums with his kids, this is a video game the entire family can really enjoy. I cant tell you how much fun my family has had using this game.


The XBOX 360
The XBOX 360

#5: XBOX 360/Playstation 3

Once again, yes, I know, daring to put these two competitors together as equals is equal to heresy among the devoted faithful of each of them. I group them together because either/or is a great gift for your teenage/college-bound son. Endless hours of fun can be had on this system, and it's lots of fun to socialize with friends while playing, so it's certainly far from a loner activity.


The TOM-TOM in action!!
The TOM-TOM in action!!

#4: Global Positioning System

Do you have absolutely no sense of direction? Well let me tell you, I'm lost right after pulling out of the driveway. My parents, in their infinite wisdom, upon my turning 18 bought me a Global Positioning System (GPS) to put in my car. It may honestly be the most pragmatic gift they've ever given me, perhaps with the exception of giving me life ;) If anyone you know gets endlessly lost, this little device can not only plot a route to a destination, it can give you detours, and adjust your route as necessary if you make a wrong turn. Best of all, you can even download additional maps for places in Europe if you're visiting.

Picture from
Picture from

#3: Hannah Montana, All Toys

Hannah Montana is THE show for adolescent girls these days.  If you have a daughter/sister/friend around the 7-14 age group they'll definately appreciate these gifts.  Hannah Montana is a sensation among these girls, and anything with her name on it is instantly worth more than all the gold in the world to them.  In particular, the beach house below is sure to make them swoon! 

Hannah Montana Malibu Beach Doll House
Hannah Montana Malibu Beach Doll House

Every Hannah Montana fan's dream gift!!

To the left, a Wiimote, and to the right the Wii console system.
To the left, a Wiimote, and to the right the Wii console system.

#2: Nintendo Wii

This one's for the young and or the young at heart. Microsoft and Sony may be having their systems battle it out for #1 graphics, but this little guy goes so much deeper than graphics; it's created entire new genres of games!!  Does your child play too many video games and not get enough excercise? That's the case with many kids today, but this little device can change all that. It's incredible the amount of physical excercise you can get out of this little video game, but trust me, after a few rounds of Wii Tennis, Wii Baseball, or Wii Fit, you'll be sweating your head off and having a great time while you're doing it.

#1: Ipod Touch/IPod 3G

I grouped these together for simplicities sake.  This is the #1 gift on almost every tech-savvy person's wish list, if they don't own one already.  I've thouroughly tested out the Storm and the G-Phone, and frankly they don't come close to the simplicity that is the IPhone.  It will change the way you live, literally. 


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