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Trains, Texting And Oh My God

Updated on September 19, 2008

The recent train accident (can we really call it an accident, I mean true, I don't think anyone premeditated it happening but when something happens due to the blatant stupidity, can it really be called an accident?) at any rate, the horrible train crash that happened last week killing and injuring many was shocking enough but now all the details that are coming out about engineer are enough to make me nauseous for a week. Trains, texting and oh my God - Don't Get Me Started!

When I first heard that the engineer may have been texting during the incident and that this was most likely the probable cause I was indeed disgusted. Sure disgusted at him but at myself too because no matter how much I know I'm not good at texting and shouldn't do it when I'm in motion either walking or operating a moving vehicle the point is that yes, I'll admit that I have texted and sent emails while driving. (Is there a twelve step program for this yet?) I know I shouldn't but I live under the same cocky American-like impression that nothing is going to happen to me when I'm doing it just those "other people" who aren't as adept at it or are texting like crazy, when I'm only sending one out every once in a while. Of course I'm completely wrong but I rationalize just like I'm sure many of you do while texting when you shouldn't. I'll tell myself things like, "I've got one eye on the road." "I'm only using my right hand to do the texting so my left hand is steering the car, after all, what do people with only a left arm do, huh? They can drive their cars just fine." And then there's, "I'm texting while waiting for the light to change so it's completely safe...oh shit, that guy behind me almost hit me because the light had been green and I'm sitting here texting."

So when I thought that the story of the engineer (who was also killed in the crash) was all about him texting and the train company releasing a statement that they were banning cell phones for those operating trains (no doubt a memo sent from the Department of the Obvious), I thought that would be the end of it. But oh no, that's when all the speculation, talking to people who knew the engineer who caused the crash and delving into his personal life that could only mean one thing...there were skeletons that were just barely buried in this man's life and once again, we gays were in trouble.

I was really sort of shocked when I read the first account stating that the engineer was in fact gay (not at that part...wait for it...) but that his partner (who of course the media was quick to add that his partner had AIDS) had killed himself last year. I read one thing that said he had hung himself in the garage. (Note to self, never hang myself in the garage, it's the last place anyone would look in my house) Then there was some account by a supposed friend who said that the engineer was very possessive and when he called at one point and the friend couldn't have dinner with him, he said, "Fine!" hung up on her and she never heard from him again. Okay, all of that I could take but then the final blow (minds back out of the gutter please)

That's right, not only was Mr. Engineer texting but he was texting two fourteen year old boys at the time of the crash. WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? Another confirmation that gays are all pedophiles who are careless about texting...just what we need, right? ARGHHHH! Was the only thing that came to my mind. Look, I'm disgusted by all of it. I can't believe that he would be texting and I feel so badly for those families that lost people but please, oh please I beg of the media and the world to not make this about being gay. I know I'm probably screaming out a message that will surely fall on deaf ears but scream it I must.

I guess what really gets me is that I can barely text one person, how this guy was texting two people at the same time and trying to drive a train just baffles me. I consider myself really good at multi-tasking but there are certain exceptions to this rule, one is texting and driving, walking or doing anything but texting and if I had to think of another one...hmmm...the only thing that comes to mind is that I don't think I'd be very good at an orgy. I don't get that whole thing or how it works any way. I think I'd be standing in a corner just sort of wondering what the hell I was doing there and if someone or I guess I should say, "someones" engaged me in "activities" I would be preoccupied with the thoughts that they probably only starting sucking my nether regions because mine were the only ones available. And while they were "busy" working on me would I be expected to do something to someone else at the same time? It's been years since I was a dancer so I don't know how limber I actually am anymore. And do they make a Twister board for orgies? You know, spin the spinner and then - right hand cock, left hand nipple, tongue to mouth or something? (Read the ten reasons I could never be a male prostitute here... )

No, I can't text and do anything else and I'm disgusted that this engineer thought that he could. I'm so sad about the loss of life but I'm even sadder every time I see a new article about it and they focus on the gay side of this story. Trains, texting and oh my God - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Stacie - and promise I shall. And not what Mary Poppins called, "A Pie Crust Promise" - easily made, easily broken! :)

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

      This certainly is not a gay issue, and I will be severely disgusted if it is turned into one. It is a STUPID issue though. No texting and driving of any vehicle!

      Scott, your readers love you, so please keep your promise about not doing it anymore. We wouldn't want you to get hurt, or for you to hurt anyone else.