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Trying To Lose Weight? Try This!

Updated on May 21, 2008

Connecting The Mind With The Body

Have you ever been tempted to eat when you are full? You know, you're out with friends and you stop at a place to grab a bite to eat, only its seems like you are the only one NOT feeling the hunger pains BUT you chow down anyway? Been There! So here is a trick or two to use to still have a blast with your best buds, snack a little and still come out a winner.

Before you meet up with the rest of the party, wash in your favorite ( I know I am cute and sexy) body wash or one that promotes itself as energy, calming or tranquil. Then put on the outfit that makes you feel the best about yourself (if you don't have one, buy one).

Next, reaffirm yourself as if you are talking to a friend that is down on themselves and you are trying to explain to them how great they really are. One last thing before you leave. Note how hungry you feel on a scale from 1 to 5 with one being (I can wait about an hour or two ) and five being ( I have just completed a one day fast). Then go out when you are just about in the lower half of the scale.

When you are out, change your focus from what you are drinking and eating to how you felt about yourself as you were getting ready and the good expectations for the time you were going to spend with friends. If you start feeling hungry, check in with your stomach first, see how far you have moved up on the hunger scale toward 5. The trick here is to be HONEST! If you are just hungry because everybody else is eating, take note of that, tell a member of your group that you are closest to a little of how you are feeling. That way you are not struggling alone and maybe you have eased tension that they are feeling about eating as well.This will help connect your mind with your stomach and you're overall well being.

Remember,if you are feeling lousy, you'll assume that attitude with what you put in your body. Ensuring a positive perspective before you venture out helps keep overeating to a minimum. Also interjecting a positive thought now and then keeps your "happy" mood elevated while you're out, eventually adding up to a more slimmer you!

Keep smiling and except no limitations!

Your friendly universal,



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