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Trying to keep up with a police officer

Updated on January 29, 2008

Part 9 - Days in the life of a grandpa

Trying to keep up with a police officer

The next day (Friday) I had fun in the morning. For a few weeks I had been teasing Mark about getting out-of-shape from the tremendous level of physical fitness he was forced to attain in his six months of police training. I had "challenged" him to try a few new exercise regimes I had been using.

Friday morning finally worked out. I went over to their house, and he AND Serena and I worked out together in their living room.

Henry and Isaiah played with toys on the chesterfield and watched us. Abigail sat in her high chair and made faces as she tried to figure out why her Daddy and Mommy and Grandpa were dancing and prancing and jumping and hopping around in front of her, puffing and panting and doing all kinds of silly push-ups, sit-ups, and other strange exercises with names like "8 count body builders" and "air bike crunches" and "mountain climbers".

It was so much fun to exercise with my son and daughter-in-law, and I felt so thankful to be blessed with enough health that at the age of 59, even after a serious accident, I can run and jump and do exercises with my kids and carry my grandchildren in my arms or on my shoulders....

Friday night I went to the football game I had been looking forward to all week. Our local team won with a resounding victory. Beth isn't a football fan, so I usually go alone. I don't mind the solitude at all.

Beth ended up doing - guess what! Babysitting again. Ray and Jessa had a supper at the home of one of Ray's instructors in the summer school course he is taking. Jessa wouldn't have been able to go, but Beth was willing to go over to their house for the evening and put Joseph and Vicky to bed there. Then she relaxed and watched a few of her favorite cooking shows on TV there.

Saturday night was one more babysitting "assignment" we had agreed to. Mark and Serena had asked us a week or so before if we could look after the children while they went to a supper at Serena's sister's house, with friends.

So once again we saw Henry, Isaiah, and Abigail over supper and the first part of the evening. Mark was on day shift the next day, so they were back in good time to pick up the children and get home to bed.

About 12 hours later we repeated the pattern of the previous Sunday - driving both cars to pick up Serena and the children. Me and the boys getting to church first and reserving our row. Saving room for Mommy and Grandma and Abigail. Settling the boys. Getting to unbuckle Abigail from her baby carry-seat and see her grin as I picked her up.

Cuddles and snuggles and then a little stroll around the back of the church when she started to get restless and fuss.

Time to sing "your special song that Grandpa made up just for you, just because I love you so much...."

And so the day and weeks pass by - not all as hectic and busy as this past week or two, but full of life and joy even amidst the hectic bustle that once in a while almost overwhelms me.

So many families live so far apart. Grandparents who long to hold their grandchildren in their arms more often. Grandchildren who long for their grandparents' hugs. And grown-up sons and daughters who wish their parents were just a little closer to lend an occasional hand or give them an occasional break with an evening out, knowing their children are with the best and safest babysitters- their own grandparents!

Truly I am a blessed grandpa.

And these are but a sample of DAYS IN THE LIFE OF A GRANDPA....


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