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I want you to check out The site is dedicated purely to tutorials, and has very high...

Updated on March 1, 2008

A very useful subject

Dear friend,

Are you sure that the syntax of this link is ok?

It did not open ftrough 'Google search' ,in spite of my two attempts !

But, I shall mention a few points for people who are starting a build-up of their photo albums after acquiring a new digital camera or upgradation of the 'tools' they had .

For an ameteur photographer ,

  • It is important to know your camera. We often use a fraction of a calculator's features. Same about a camera.All the features there are not for you....requirement varies.
  • It is important to know your special requirement.If you travel a lot and take photographs of landscape , your requirement will be different from another person who enjoys street photography.
  • It is important to understand your framing. It is very ,very very important that you capture a scene the way you would like to see it. Next comes the question, whether your way of capture is liked and appreciated by others .Just a few simple tips :

  1. If you are taking photo of a street scene or a social event, do not crowd your frame with too many characters.Every frame need not be a packed file .
  2. As a starter, be ruthless in cropping your frame and discarding photos from your saved album. When you feel like not deleting a photo which do not make a grade aesthetically and you have a huge empty HDD,store it away in another file.
  3. To teach yourself a few tips on composition, go through the portfolios of excellent photographers. Make a mental note of what you like and , likewise, do not like in a portfolio.But, never imitate.
  4. To set benchmarks for yourself, see photos .... the best and better ones...of amateur photographers.You will find what is achievable at your level and your view point and skill will improve step-by-step.

Flickr, Picassa and such other sites are great place to start.



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