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Twilight, good movie or a spoof?

Updated on December 27, 2008

Twilight, a good movie or a spoof?

Okay, I know twilight has become a somewhat annoying obsession with some who have to deal with it absolutley everywhere. I got into the books because my babysitter was reading them and told me to give it a shot. I did and was instantly hooked. I mean, i'm on the third book and I can't put it down! By the time I was halfway through the first book, I was convinced that I want to go ahead and move to Washington so I can become a vampire, lol.

I then saw that the movie for the first book was coming out, I had to see it. By this time, all the books were flying off the shelves so fast that people had to special order the books. I went into hot topic to buy a lip ring and was overempowered bby what I saw. The whole entire store was covered in the twilight stuff. Shirts, notebooks, pens, purses, dolls, etc. I was somewhat overwhelmed with it all yet my excitment for the movie grew. My husband and I got a babysitter and went to go see the movie. I was at first worried that my husband was not going to like it and become bored.

Ten mninutes into the movie, and I was just trailing along, hooked. At first I wished that they would have used a couple different actors. It took longer than 10 miinutes to accept the actor they used for Edward but by the end of the movie, he grew on me. Of course the movie has some over the top acting at times, but over all the movie was great. In fact, my husband, who by the way is religiously into Bill O reilly and politics, who never reads any fiction based books, was really into the movie! The movie has inspired him to actually start reading the books! I can not wait until they make the second one! I personally thought the movie was a good one, but people are right, it does not do the book any justice. That is how it usually is though, what movie has actually been way better than the book?



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      natasha  8 years ago

      YOU SUCK AT WRITING!!!!!!!!!QUIET!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!