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Ultimate Feng Shui

Updated on August 3, 2008

Feng Shui Compass

Mirrors Reflect "Shars"

Crystals magnify good "ch'i"

Opt for the single-story

Spiral staircases confuse ch'i

Fish are considered very good luck

The Front Door should be visible and clear

Round Dining Table is Preferred

An accessible Bed is enouraging to great relationships

Paint a wall red ~ bring in good energy

Feng Shui Tips

Plants represent Life

Pets are the ultimate provider of good ch'i


Feng Shui

There's no place like home. It's our sanctuary, our haven, and our ultimate personal expression. To be able to walk into our home and feel welcomed, nurtured and filled with boundless positive energy should be a natural every day occurrence. We talk great pride in decorating our spaces with our individual tastes, making sure to reflect our happiest memories and family accomplishments.

The art of Feng Shui is the belief that harmony, good luck and creativity can be incorporated into our homes through purposeful design. In ancient China, it is believed that Ch'i is a universal force of life. To allow life to run smoothly and effectively, it is to our best advantage to encourage as much ch'i into our home. Ch'i is both a positive and negative energy. Flowing water is considered to be good or positive ch'i. Sitting water that doesn't flow is considered negative ch'i. The flowing movement throughout our homes is what Feng Shu strives for.

Here are 20 basic tips of Feng Shui

  1. Intuition is Key ~ when deciding how you want to arrange furniture or pictures, using your intuition is of great value. According to Feng Shui, your instincts will always lead you to the right choices.

  2. Balance ~ Furniture design should display both curved (yin) and straight (yang) pieces. A balanced combination will allow good flow of Ch'i at all times.

  3. Mirrors ~ Placement of mirrors are very important and represent the reflection of "shars", which are considered poisonous in the realm of Feng Shui, they are sharp or straight angles causing blockage to positive Ch'i. Mirrors are the perfect way to eliminate this problem by activating the constance of flow. Mirrors should be kept clean from smudges or streaks also allowing the ch'i to move freely.

  4. Crystals ~ Chandeliers, crystals or any sort of bright objects also do a great job at reflecting good ch'i energy. Again, surfaces should always be kept clean to allow optimum ch'i movement.

  5. Home Health ~ Keep in mind that in Feng Shui, the health of your home is aligned with personal health. Chipped paint, broken doors, leaky faucets are all examples of bad ch'i. Make repairs as soon as necessary and stay in tune with any facet of your home that is in need of fixing.

  6. Clutter ~ Too many knick knacks, messy paperwork or clothes lying around is detrimental. Nothing blocks good ch'i more then unnecessary clutter. Organize and put things away as often as possible. The less visible clutter, the easier ch'i is allowed to freely move.

  7. Single Story Homes ~ Two-story homes district ch'i from flowing evenly. Ch'i will become confused with different living levels. For example, a living room that is higher than a kitchen will allow ch'i to leave your home when visitors come calling. To come into a home from a higher level, to then go down stairs to reach the rest of your home signals a loss of status. You are considered to be "demoted", not good for positive ch'i.

  8. Windows ~ Windows should never outnumber doors. Three to One should be the standard, and it should not exceed these numbers.

  9. Hallways ~ Hallways that are straight, long and contain more than 3 doorways are a negative ch'i practice.

  10. Spiral Staircases ~ Negative in ch'i practice. Again causes flow confusion.

  11. Front Door ~ Size matters. The front door of your home should be in proportion to the rest of your home. If it is too large, it is believed your fortune will dwindle. Too small, and arguments will never cease. Keeping the front of your home as welcoming as possible will encourage guests to enter.

  12. Front Landscaping ~ The front of your home should be landscaped cleanly. Trees and bushes should be kept pruned so that the view of your front door is clearly viewed. The front door represents your livelihood and should be groomed accordingly. Flowers, statues of animals, a pretty doormat are also very helpful in entertaining good ch'i.

  13. Kitchen ~ A brightly lit kitchen that is organized and presents feelings of spaciousness is the best possible display for good ch'i. Darker, cluttered kitchens will discourage family from spending time there, which will impact ch'i negatively. Pantries and the refrigerator should always be stocked to signify abundance which directly correlates with the families wealth.

  14. Dining Room ~ If possible, the dining room should be a totally separate space of at least clearly defined. Choose a round or oval dining room table. The dining room is an excellent space to add a mirror, it reflects back to you and your company double the food you serve. Encouraging abundance of wealth.

  15. Bedroom ~ Place your bed as far from the entry door as possible and at a diagonal. Never face a bed directly across the door or under a beam. Against a solid wall is preferable, instead of under a window. Placing a round mirror is considered very good for your relationship. If single, allowing access from both sides of your bed invites a new partner to enter your life.

  16. Bathroom ~ Considered to be one of the more important rooms in your home, because it symbolizes water. Water symbolizes money. Toilets should be made to be less obvious. Bathroom doors and toilets seats should always be closed in order to keep finances secure and money coming in.

  17. Living Room ~ Living rooms should be well lit and furniture arrangement should be evenly placed. Less is more in this case, and this living space should be kept as uncluttered as possible. Windows should be unobstructed to allow sunlight as much as possible. This will encourage happiness and lively conversation.

  18. Color ~ Feng Shui places importance on color choices. It is considered to stimulate good ch'i. Bold colors invite good ch'i and brings positive flowing energy. Try not to use the same color everywhere. Too much of the same color brings on depression. Exotic colors, red, purple and orange energizes. Good lighting will also achieve purity of ch'i.

  19. Plants ~ Plants are highly recommended in the home. It brings in life and natural harmony.

  20. Pets ~ Animals provide ultimate good ch'i. Pets allow families love and undying loyalty.


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