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Understanding First Aid Kit Contents

Updated on April 3, 2008

Are you confused about first aid kits?

Having a first aid kit for any minor emergency is always good but there many be times when you do not know the most effective use of each product. Recent studies show that while 40% of first aid kit owners use them on a monthly basis, the majority are not familiar with the basic contents of a first aid kit or how to use them.

Watching online first aid videos is a great way to learn first aid. Convenient and easily accessed.

video intro
video intro

First Aid Videos with Kits Explain the Contents

When surveying the various bandages, pads, compresses, and dressings in a first aid kit, confusion can be the result - not knowing the difference between an alcohol, iodine, antiseptic, sting relief, or wet wipe swab - and applying one to an open wound or infection, could result in administering pain rather than relief.

Redi-Medic, a leading manufacturer of promotional product first aid and safety kits, now includes access to online first aid and safety training videos, as a standard component in all kits.

These videos are not a substitute for a full first aid training course, but an educational aid that will benefit all first aid kit owners.


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