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Urinary Tract Infections

Updated on January 25, 2009


10 million women in America will be prescribed antibiotics for a urinary tract infection this year. Of these half of them will need a second course of drugs because the first course was not effective.

This exposure to antibiotics for no reason will increase the likelihood of more infections in the future, and that's not just urinary tract infections. Yeast infections are now on the increase because of the overuse of antibiotics, and more women are now suffering from chronic vaginal infections than they ever have before.

Resistant E coli

When your body is exposed to too many course of antibiotics that bacteria living in it become resistant. Bacteria will mutate into a more aggressive form to fight off the drugs that are trying to kill them.

E coli lives naturally in our bowels. and this is the most common bacteria that causes urinary tract infections. This means that the E coli in your body have been exposed to every course of antibiotics you've ever taken.

For some women the E coli in their body is already resistant to antibiotics even before they ever suffer from any type of bladder infection.

Chronic urinary tract infections

Chronic urinary tract infections that are resistant to antibiotics are not that difficult to treat. Using more antibiotics will only make the infection worse, and they will also weaken your immune system so your body is more open to other infections.

Continual use of antibiotics can also cause chronic yeast infections. The best way to cure chronic UTI's is naturally. When you cure your infection naturally you don't kill the E coli so it won't become resistant to anything.

When you treat your infection naturally all you do is flush the E coli out of your urethra, and this can be done in as little as 12 hours. You can find out more information on treating your UTI naturally at Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Natural Remedy

Causes of urinary tract infections

The main cause of a urinary tract infection is bacteria entering the urethra. This occurs a lot more frequently in women because of the closeness of the urethra and anus.

E coli is the bacteria responsible for around 80% of UTI's, the staphylococcus bacteria is responsible for about 15% of infections and chlamydia is responsible for around 5% of infections.

The main cause of urinary tract infections are...

Poor personal hygiene

Overuse of antibiotics

Being sexually active

Weakened immune system

Kidney stones



Intestinal flora

Your body has a natural bacterial balance that is made of beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria. The beneficial bacteria ( friendly bacteria ) lives in your intestines and on your skin to keep the bad bacteria under control.

When the bacteria in your body becomes unbalanced then infection causing bacteria such as E coli can infect your urethra and bladder a lot easier.

The friendly bacteria in your body also strengthens your immune system. It fights of infections on its own, and it also helps you digest your food more thoroughly so you absorb more nutrients. These extra nutrients you digest will also strengthen your immunity to infections.

Antibiotics use and a poor diet lead to a bacterial imbalance in the intestines which doesn't help you when you're suffering from any type of infection.

Symptoms of urinary tract infections

Symptoms of urinary tract infections can vary from sufferer to sufferer, and they will become worse the longer the infection is left untreated. As soon as you start experiencing any symptoms of any type of infection in your vagina it's important you see your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a UTI include...

Frequent urination

Strong urge to urinate

Only able to urinate small amounts

Burning feeling when urinating

Foul smelling urine

Cloudy urine

Blood in urine


Other symptoms that you can suffer from that may not seem related to an infection in the vagina are...



Abdominal pain



If you experience any of these symptoms you must see your doctor so you can get a correct diagnosis for your infection, and then start treating it as soon as possible.


Untreated urinary tract infections

Many women who are experiencing their first urinary tract infection will think about leaving untreated in the hope that it will go away on its own. This is a very dangerous thing to do, and it can lead to complications later.

If you l;eave a UTI untreated it will just get worse and spread to your kidneys. An infection of the kidneys is known as pyelonephritis, and this type of infection can put you in hospital and in worse case scenarios can lead to death.

You must treat a UTI as soon as possible.


Diagnosing a urinary tract infection

The only way to diagnose a UTI is by a visit to your doctor or health care worker. They will analyze the bacteria that infecting you by taking a urine sample from you.

The sample will then either be tested with a dip strip or it will be sent away for analysis.

Once the bacteria has been identified your doctor will know what course of treatment you will need. Different bacterium need different antibiotics which is why it's important to see your doctor first. Some women will purchase antibiotics online because the web site tells them a particular antibiotic is used for urinary tract infections.

Treating UTI's

Most urinary tract infections are easily treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. For some women a second course is needed and a small percentage women will suffer from chronic infections that need numerous courses of treatment.

With UTI's the more courses of antibiotics you take the more chance you have of suffering from another infection so it's important to use these anti bacterial drugs under the supervision of your doctor at all times.

Another option for treating your UTI is a natural treatment. A natural cure works within 12 hours because it doesn't kill the bacteria, it just flushes the infection causing bacteria from your urethra. The advantage of this type of treatment is it has no effect on the E coli living in your bowel so there's no chance of the bacteria becoming resistant to the treatment.

You can read more information about treating your UTI naturally here - Mary Jo Barton's Natural UTI Remedy

E coli

E coli is responsible for 80% of urinary tract infections.
E coli is responsible for 80% of urinary tract infections.


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      8 years ago

      Clearmax is a natural cure for Urinary Tract Infections and is a proprietary blend of all natural herbal extracts combined with D-mannose. D-mannose works much the way cranberry does to help flush the body of the bacteria causing the infection however the Clearmax formula is at least 100 times more powerful. While antibiotics are the most common treatment for urinary tract infections, they work to kill the bacteria causing the infection. This approach can be problematic when a strain is resistant to the antibiotic as the antibiotic kills friendly bacteria in your system necessary for normal function. Clearmax works not to kill the bacteria–but to flush it from the system. E.Coli, the bacteria most common form that causes urinary tract infections, is attracted to the D-mannose molecules. Rather than adhering to the walls of the urinary tract the bacteria adheres to the D-mannose and is flushed from the system through urination. Clearmax can be purchased at


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