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Use PATHS Quantum Technology to Resolve Life Stress

Updated on October 29, 2008

Three Minutes a Week

New Technology Leads to Synchronicity in Three Minutes a Week.
Every person's mind is linked to every other person's mind. 
The conscious awareness is the individual mind while the 
deeper collection of insights lie below the threshold of 
this awareness.
Recently, advanced quantum technologies have been found to 
be helpful in taking disorganized parts of the mind and 
stimulating an integrated wholeness that becomes a power to 
reckon with.
Simply, what it comes down to is super easy
to understand terms:
You log into a website with a username and password like we're 
all used to doing anyway. 
Then you watch a beautiful personalized movie that is about 3
minutes long per topic. When the movie is done, the database 
part of your mind has put in queue millions of pieces of
information specific to getting your subconscious mind into 
super manifesting mode! There are online modules for physical,
mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and other areas of
Being able to rapidly download massive amounts of information
to your subconscious mind enabling you to quickly internalize
various desirable traits is *AMAZING* If you saw the Matrix
and remember when Neo downloaded Kung Fu to his mind, well,
congratulations because for the first time ever, you have found 
the only technology in the world that comes close to that 

For more info, visit


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