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Uses for Old Towels

Updated on January 23, 2007

When you think of old towels, what exactly do you think of? Trash comes to mind for a lot of people, but there are so many other options to think of. Old towels can be used for just about anything. Around my house we use old towels for many things.

  • Drying the cars after we wash them.
  • Wiping feet on in bad weather.
  • Drying boots, gloves and hats on after the kids play in the snow.
  • Cleaning windows or mirrors.
  • Protecting our carpets when we paint.

Those are some simple uses, but what about more creative ideas? How about cutting the old towels up into rags? These can be used for dusting, washing dishes, wiping floors, or wiping little hands after messy meals. If you have a sewing machine, you can sew up the edges of a square piece you have cut out and you have a new washcloth to use in the shower. Speaking of the shower, how about wiping down the shower walls and door after each use. This cuts down on grime and mildew and can be easily done with an old towel or old rag cut out of a towel.

To be even more adventurous, you can make cloth diapers out of old towels. For this I would take an actual cloth diaper I have and use that for a pattern. Then cut the towel just a little bigger and again use your sewing machine to sew up the edges. You can use this just like a prefold cloth diaper. Towels are made to be very absorbant, so using old towels for cloth diapers makes perfect sense.

You should also keep an old towel in each vehicle. Then if you get a flat tire while on the road, you will have something to kneel on while changing the tire. This will keep your clothes from getting soiled. If you have kids, a towel in each vehicle can also serve as clean up for car sickness.

How about a cape for your little superhero? Potholders or hotpads for dishes can easily be made from old towels. You can roll a towel up and block a doorjam with it. This will stop a cold draft and can be easily moved when the door needs to be opened. The possibilities are endless. As long as you don't throw your old towels in the trash that is.


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    • profile image

      Josh 6 years ago

      Here's another article showing some things to do with old used towels. There are actually some pretty cool ideas. I know I never would have thought of them.