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Using FaceBook to Promote Your Work at Home Business: Good Idea?

Updated on December 15, 2011

What is FaceBook?

You haven't heard of FaceBook?


Come on....seriously? I don't believe you.

Facebook is a similar concept to MySpace. me - and this is just my personal opinion, Facebook is just classier, more grown up.....easier to navigate. (You can see an example by looking at my Facebook page here.)Facebook is what they define as a 'social networking' site. Or really....a site to promote YOU. You can stay in touch with friends, family, meet new friends, folks that you have common interests with, or that live your area.

I steered clear of sites like this for a long time. I just didn't see the point. But after using MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook and other similar sites....I realize it's a lot of fun. Not only can network with others and share your business.

Promoting a website or business has gotten to be so competative on the internet, I feel like any little edge you can give yourself helps. Now, I do not advocate just spamming the daylights out of your friends, family etc via your MySpace or Faebook page. That's uncool. Spam is not cool in any form. Period.

But I will give you an example. I am an Avon Rep and Avon offers a cool little widget for facebook - so that I can promote my Avon site right on my FaceBook page! It's unobtrusive and allows those that come by to visit my Avon store! (You Avon Reps out there that aren't taking advantage of this are crazy!)

advertising on facebook example

Costs me noting to promote my Avon site on Facebook.
Costs me noting to promote my Avon site on Facebook.

Being More Creative and All That Outside the Box Stuff!

Of course not every business is going to have this handy dandy widget like Avon offers.....but that doesn't mean you can't still promote your business or website. Often times when I'm updating my Facebook page, I'll type in what I'm doing right now....

Like right now I'm typing up a hub about promoting my home simply type in what you're doing at any given time. Maybe I'm putting together Avon orders for delivery? Or maybe I'm researching work at home jobs to post on

You get my point.

Keeping Your Facebook Page Updated with What You're Doing!

Keep your Facebook page updated with what you're doing...
Keep your Facebook page updated with what you're doing...

Just Don't Abuse Your Privledges.....

I wouldn't get too crazy with self promotion on your Facebook page though. It's just a small little nugget in your "marketing tool box". Look over Facebook's terms of service to make sure you're not being over-zealous.

Like everything...there are rules. And you don't want to break them right from the get go.

Nice to Network with Others Too...

Facebook can be a great place to network with others too. You'll fnd people in the same line of business, or that have the same interests. I LOVE the show "The Office", so I joined the fan club for that's nice to meet people that share things you like. You can also learn a lot from others about marketing!

It's a laid back, fun way to connect. Just what it's meant to be in my opinion. I've found it to be a wonderful to reach out, connect, stay in touch, learn and share.

And because I work at home, it can get lonely not having actual co-workers or family around. Oh sure....your kids might be home....especially if they're little - but you know what I mean - adult conversation. Conversations about things that only others working at home and running their own business can relate too.

Using Facebook??

Are You a Facebook Member Already?

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    • Greenheart profile image

      Greenheart 8 years ago from Cambridge

      Thanks a lot for this hub.

      I love Face-Book as a way of communicating with many people.

      and it sounds like you have loved what the internet can offer for many years!.

      I would be grateful if you would look at the home business i am in,The Amazon Herb Company and leave any comment.


    • Josef Benjamin profile image

      Josef Benjamin 9 years ago from Detroit

      facebook rocks, great job

    • MRS Great Caruso profile image

      MRS Great Caruso 9 years ago

      These are some great ideas you are sharing here. Thanks!!

    • prasannasutrave profile image

      prasannasutrave 9 years ago from mumbai( india )

      Very informative hub.The information is useful and valuable.I have face book and my space account,i will use it there.Thanks.