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Using condom during intercourse is must

Updated on December 25, 2007

Do condoms "dull" mens sensations during sex? Every time if I ask him to puts on a condom, he may say that he loses sensation,! This feeling will come to mind some times. It can take a while to get used to wearing a condom- when we use a them for birth control or for STD protection. Actually using a condom is much usefull / beneficial to both partners because it dulls men’s sensations enough to slow down their urge to orgasm -- and make sex last longer time.

After a while men or B/F may no longer feel the difference between intercourse with or without the condom. It is better to experiment with different kinds, brands and shapes of condoms.( For girls it is thrilling event to put condom into guy’s/men’s erect / hot penis. we won’t get this chance after words.)

The thinner brands cost more, but are still just as effective and do provide for more sensation. Encouraging men to experiment with different condoms is necessory, then condom can make sex pleasant one, & No fear of infection from STD.


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